It’s all about fiber today… with a side order of family fun   23 comments

I made this.

Take a closer look.



It came out so well I wish I had made more than one ounce!    But now I know I can dye fiber and spin it into yarn.  Pretty stinking amazing.

Meanwhile… I finished Reyna (photos to come after blocking) and so had nothing on my needles! (I don’t count the vest that is buried in the bottom of the basket.  I took the needle out to use it for something else and can’t remember if it was an 8 or a 9.  I might have to start that one over again.)

This morning I was up early with the thunderstorm, and no one else was, so this might have happened:


That’s 4 shawls.  Patterns chosen, yarn and beads chosen, needles assigned, and in three cases, patterns printed.

Two are already cast on.  I am determined to get three of them going today, so I have options when knitting.  Completely breaking my rule on number of WIPs.  I blame it on the orange baby set.  I need blues and teals and grays in my world, and these four shawls are those colors.  Yup.  All of them.  I will likely sell some, but I might not, if I love them all.  Ha!


Also today we are going to a graduation party mid-day.  Amy’s nephew’s son graduated from high school this year, down in PA.  Since his whole family lives up here, they are throwing him a party now, when everyone is in Maine.  It will be nice to see everyone, and hear what they are all up to.

Tomorrow is a picnic at Mom’s – all siblings and some nieces and a nephew, I expect.  No occasion, officially, although it is Mom and B’s anniversary.

It is a family party type weekend! All the best kind of crazy.  Lots of driving, lots of visiting.  And that means lots of knitting, so I had better go get those shawls cast on so I have something to work on all weekend.  🙂




23 responses to “It’s all about fiber today… with a side order of family fun

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  1. Look at those pops of color! That’s fantastic, I love it! You definitely need more of that! Happy family weekend, and happy knitting! Enjoy!

  2. Your dyed/spun yarn is beautiful. It reminds me of those pretty under the water ocean posters. So serene…
    Great idea on organizing your next 4 shawls. Having everything together will make the process smoother I think.
    Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Wishing you safe traveling and oodles of smiles and good times. 🙂

    • Thank you! I agree about organizing the projects. I did notice if I am going to break my rules, I need more than two of my canvas project bags! Might have to go shopping. 😀

  3. Your twist looks terrific and wonderfully even. Have fun at the social engagements.

  4. I’ve never dyed or spun yarn but I do have a drop spinner to begin with as soon as I have time to learn how to do it. Your yarn is gorgeous!

  5. That’s amazing–I thought the unspun roving was quite garish but, when it’s spun and plied, it’s gorgeous!

    • That’s exactly the kind of thing I need to learn about. 🙂 I see these beautiful braids in the shops and online, but I don’t know how they will work up. The little skeins of yarn I made at the same time are quite obnoxious. Next step is to knit something with them all and see how they work up.

  6. Your spinning is wonderful. How quickly you got it! Four shawls??? You brave, brave, knitter.

    • lol crazed. I am a crazed knitter.

      Actually, I think it was wise, I won’t grow bored. And it turns out that the two by the same designer have the same instructions for the body, so that is helpful. And the Oaklet has a really simple body pattern to memorize, and is with fingering weight yarn, so it is my traveling project for the moment. made some progress on all of them – you know how it goes – the easy part – stockinette body with some increases. and before you know it, the rows are a thousand stitches long and thank God the lace keeps you interested. 🙂 I am not there yet, but heading that way.

  7. Oh – I have to learn how to spin!

  8. Wow, fantastic, well done. The colours are stunning, I adore the blue. 🙂

  9. Love your experimental spinning piece. Shame you don’t have more, but always better to be cautious when you start 🙂

    • I think I can make some fairly similar – it was pretty straightforward, I think. (we will see when I try to recreate it!) I’d love to get to a place where I can dye and spin to get exactly what I want for projects – even big ones like sweaters. 🙂

  10. LOVE the yarn you made – the colours are amazing together. They kind of make each other sing. BUT … my favourite thing in this post? (aww, you’re going to laugh at me for this …) …. is that big, chunky, fuzzy, fat, fabulous sausage in the first photo. Ohhh..!!! How wonderful is that? Inside your head (bear with me here …)… cut that sausage in half and just look at the chunkier half. This is what happened when I saw it. I cut it in half and suddenly, my brain magiced (is that a word? magic with an ed.. or did I make that up) .. the inside of my head exploded into a fabulous magical world where I saw the cat which belonged to that ‘tail’. All those colours where there in his coat. He had the most amazing pulled out fur on either side of his cheeks which kind of made him look like he had the most magnificent moustache.

    That is the cat I want! That fantastical cat which my brain put together in between two heart beats is the cat I’m going to be looking for for the rest of my life! I want. I want. I want.

    You’ve sent me on a magical journey and I’ve ‘met’ a cat in this other world, and it’s all because of some unspun, fuzzy, beautiful yarn which you’ve made!

    You are so clever and I’m filled with admiration for this amazing talent you have.
    Sending l ❤ ve ~ Cobs. x (off to look for a certain cat now…)…

  11. Great idea having all the projects sorted and ready to go. I need to do that as I so often get ready to get into the car and say “I wish I had a project all ready to take with me”. Famous last words from myself. I will have to work on getting some projects together. Lord knows I certainly have the stash 😉 LOL LOVE the yarn you spun!

    • I don’t always do that, but the sash was getting overwhelming so I decided to organize it, and one thing led to another! Glad you like the yarn, it is fun to make!

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