Blue and Green

In 2007 when almost everyone died (seriously, they did – our extended family lost ten people, A even lost her cat), and my mom asked me if there was anything I wanted from Gram and Grampa’s home, I said “I would love the painting of Block Island that hung in the dining room.”

I love the painting for a few reasons, not the least of which it happens to be a landscape which shows the area where my other grandmother’s cottage is, so it is doubly special to me.


And it is in my favorite colors, blue and green. I don’t love the frame, but it does remind me of Gram, it is very much in her taste. I believe that they picked this up when they were over there for a visit when I was a wee baby, so the painting is about 1000 years old.

I have it hanging in our living room, on the opposite wall from my sister’s beautiful painting of the Orkney sky.

When I sit in our new chairs, I am looking right at it.

That’s where I sit to spin.  (You had to know this was about yarn, right?)

It did not take me long to realize that this spin and this painting are the same colors.  No wonder I love this fiber!

This spin went REALLY fast, and I am quite pleased with the resulting yarn.  It is merino/cashmere, I got about 200 yards from the 4 ounce braid.  I think I won’t knit with it, but instead will just pet it and maybe hang it on the wall next to the painting.  Won’t A love that?  🙂





17 thoughts on “Blue and Green”

  1. It matches the painting perfectly! I agree, it should go on the wall. Though…maybe in the form of a woven wall hanging or a knitted wall hanging? That’s how I get Mr. Ink to allow my handspun projects on the wall.

    It’s kind of funny to look around a house of two people and notice the themes. The gentle blues and greens of the ocean at your place, we were noticing at ours last evening that the theme is rectangles.

    I love your painting btw, GREAT choice! And your yarn is wonderful too, but I was already won over on the yarn just from the picture of the fiber on the chair.

    1. lol – we do have blues covered, and a few greens as well. A loves dark green and burgundy – she married the wrong woman! I like light sea colors with accents of darker sea colors, lol.

      Rectangles, huh? That isn’t a bad thing, you can weave and knit lots of those. 🙂

      I think what will actually happen with the blue and green yarn is that I will finally knit the hat seathwaite, which I have wanted to like forever. Just can’t get away fromt eh sea.

  2. How soothing to look at that painting every day and what found memories it evokes for you. It could be a cover for an American version of a Mauve Binchy book.

  3. It looks great! I love the painting. I think hanging it up next to the painting is a great idea. A little yarn added to the décor.

      1. Absolutely. An official yarn bombing with newly spun yarn. It doesn’t get more museum quality than that.

  4. Those colors are among my favorites, too! The painting is lovely–you’re lucky to have gotten it. And your spinning is looking great. I keep being a little shocked at how little finished yarn you get from those big braids. Weavers go through yarn VERY quickly–if I were going to try and use hand spun yarn, I’d have to spin for weeks in order to weave for a day, I think!

    1. I think it is because I am still new to it – I get more and more yardage with each spin. At this point, I am getting worsted weight, but my goal is lace weight, so I have a way to go. And my singles aren’t even enough to use alone yet. But I know what you mean. I read blogs where people are getting 5-6 hundred yards, and I can barely squeeze out 2. 😦 Oh well, I will make hats and hats and hats until I get better. It does make you wonder about the days before machine spinning, when people spun all they thread to weave all the cloth to make all the clothes. No wonder they wore fig leaves and furs!

    1. I hear you! It took me a long time to take the plunge, and without the gift of a wheel, I still wouldn’t have done it. But I am glad I did, now, the years of practice needed to get good at it…

  5. What a nice treasure from your Grandparents home. And that you can look at it when you spin and think of them is truly special. The yarn is awesome! I can see why you like the colors. They are very pretty together. Very summery, beachy, and calming. Can’t wait to see what you create with it.

    1. Thank you! I like having little mementoes around the house. Where my brothers go for the furniture when given choices, I try to choose the smaller pieces that I can use every day.

      And I am making a hat with that yarn, Once there is something besides ribbing to take a picture of, I will. 🙂

  6. I’m sad to hear of so many losses your family had so close together. Bless your hearts.
    The painting is like a dreamy tale in a fairytale. Your yarn is a beautiful compliment to the painting and a wonderful tribute to your GrandMother.
    Having yarn, to pet and remember with, is one of the joys of doing yarn-crafts.

    1. Thank you. 2007 was a very grim year, but we got through it and out the other side. The painting is very dreamy, you are right! It holds wonderful memories for me.

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