Salpal has been VERY busy this week

Sort of hard to believe there isn’t much to show for it.

First off, when I got home from Monhegan, A and I had a “down” day – we were slugs.  I was tired from playing, she was tired from working.  Then, Sunday she had to work, so I did the errands and some spinning. I also tagged all my knitted inventory (43 items) to deliver to the pop up shop.  That took longer than you would think because they have a new, cool-but-fussy tag for us to use. And I had to update my inventory sheet.

Then the week hit us.  I have a HUGE grant due on 7/7 which I have been trying very hard to get done by 7/1 so I could not think about it over the weekend.

Monday I dropped the inventory off after work, then fiddled with my spinning wheel to relax.

Tuesday after work I did my volunteer gig.

Wednesday I worked from home because we were expecting a furniture delivery – finally have the new chairs we bought when we got the mattress in April.  Aren’t they pretty?



Both cats love them, so they already get covered up with fleece blankets to keep them from becoming black and furry. But anyway, working from home is bad, I don’t like doing it.  Either I am too easily distracted, or, in this case, I work too hard and don’t stop at quitting time.

Thursday was the pop-up  shop open house after work, so I went over there with my good friend Crimson Crow.  We had a nice visit, and I was able to forgot about impending deadlines for a while. And the shop looked great – now to sell everything!

That night as A and I were getting ready for bed, A mentioned that we had no hot water, her shower was cold that morning.  Not sure why it was kept quiet so long… That made Friday morning kind of fun – certainly washing up made us very alert – brrr.  Couldn’t get it to reset, so A called the plumber when she got to work. They came, determined that they needed to order a part, started it up again, and A took a hot shower as soon as she got home.  It is out again, so there will be no hot showers here before Tuesday.  Good it isn’t cold out.  Lukewarm showers are OK on hot days.

The day ended with the grant closer to done but not quite there.  😦

Friday night A and I went over to Mom’s for dinner with them.  J is still there, so he cooked us a fabulous meal. Always good to see people and have dinner cooked.  🙂  We made a plan for them to stop over today while they are out doing a bit of sight seeing. That was the last we will see of J this summer – he heads back to St. Louis on Tuesday. He might come back for Thanksgiving, but if not, we won’t see him again until next summer.

That meant we got up early today and cleaned up a bit, so now we are chilling – chores done, two more days of long weekend left. Life is good.

What do you mean you aren’t hearing about much spinning and knitting?  Believe me, I know!

I did spin every morning before I got ready for work. I worked on my “You Red My Mind” braid, which I have kept pretty quiet about, I know.  I finished up the first braid, and got a second one as I wanted more yardage.  So I worked on that everyday. I finished up the first half of the second braid earlier this week, and started the next and last half. At first I tried to do it the same as the first batch, but I decided to just spin it, and hope I haven’t improved so much that the two skeins can’t be knit in one garment. I think I am OK on that, although I can see this one is thinner and more uniform than the last.  This is going to be a nice warm red shawl for me to wear this winter.  🙂

you-red-my-mind-2-bobbinsI finished the singles up this morning and plied it.  I did get more yardage than the first braid, but I think the weight is pretty close.    I worked HARD to cram it all onto one bobbin so I would get one longer skein, and it worked, although I don’t think I could fit another inch.  🙂you-red-my-mnd-2-plied

I also finished the Hap for Harriet that I have been carting around since February.  I blocked it Wednesday morning, and love it!  I knew I would, and while I worked on it a long time, that is because I only worked on it when I was out and about, not at home, so it went slowly.

I’ll be glad to have it this winter!

And these are on the needles now – a spiral baby hat and a Reyna shawl – both not getting much love this week.  😦

Once everyone left this afternoon, I got out the next spinning project.  It is a merino cashmere braid from Purple Fleece named “sea breeze”

I split the braid in half cross wise, and then took each half and pulled it apart in half again.  I split the resulting 4 sections into 8 long pieces each, and am just spinning them as is, pre-drafting and working hard to get thin even singles.  Here’s todays progress – 4 of the lengths done. The colors are a little faded in all of these shots, the colors are really intense.  The turquoise is nice and bright. The greens are sort of sea glass color. The blue is just perfect. Together they are like a summer sea.


So now you know what I will be doing this weekend!

21 thoughts on “Salpal has been VERY busy this week”

  1. Your spinning looks fantastic! That red is going to make a lovely shawl.And I love how the sea breeze is working up too, such pretty colours together. Your new chairs are lovely, the cats have obviously given them the seal of approval too!

  2. The chairs are FABULOUS! They’d be perfect in my seaside home, but like you, I’m guessing that one, two or all three of my cats would claim them as their own and (again like you) I’d have to cover up the fabulous print on the chairs with throws.

    YAY for the spinning. It looks fantastic. It’s so lovely to watch you ‘grow’ with this. Well done, you clever thing!
    Have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. x

    1. thanks, cobs! I should knit pretty throws, but if I do that, then I won’t want the cats on those, either. So old fleece it is. 🙂

      Spinning is loads of fun, if you ever need a new hobby, you might try it. 🙂

  3. It’s always nice to have fur babies approve new furniture. Your spinning is beautiful. The colors are bold and great. Can’t wait to see what you make with them.

    1. thanks! yes, the chairs passed the cat scans. 🙂 already had to vacuum them once. That’s why they are now covered.

      Spinning is great fun, I am going to have to figure out what to do with all this yarn…

  4. The chairs! The CHAIRS! They are great! Very lovely, and they look comfy too. Nice spinning as well, I like those rich red colors.

  5. WOW! You sound like you’ve been very busy. Shame you’re having to cover those beautiful chairs up with fleeces. Loving the red and the blue/green yarns you’ve been spinning. Great to see you’re still loving it. Hope the hot water gets resolved soon – I never feel right for the rest of the day if I don’t get my shower.

  6. Wonderful knitting going on there and your spinning looks so soft that I want to run my fingers over it. Your new chairs are great; I really like the seaside print.

    1. Thanks, Stefanie! I was worried the chairs would be too gaudy, but they really are pretty. Like watercolors. And the yarn IS soft, I can’t wait to work with it.

      1. The print is mostly in neutrals with faint purple and green colors. You can match pillows and rugs to it if you wanted or use these colors for accent pieces around the room while using neutrals of grey and white for others.

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