Spinning on my own, or what I did last Sunday

Last Sunday was a funny day, weather-wise.  It wasn’t supposed to be nice, so I was surprised when I got up and it was clear and dry.  I decided to do my half hour of spinning  on the bearded iris braid I got at Fiber Frolic early in the day.  I was really excited to see how the colors would play together.


I did not break up the length of the braid, but did break the strips into random widths.

Then I sat down to spin.  The wheel was not cooperating, the bobbin tension just didn’t want to play.

Amazingly, I got up and walked away BEFORE I got frustrated with it, and went out and planted some vegetable seeds.

Then I tried again, and it seemed to work fine.  But there were things to do…

Company was coming in the afternoon, so A and I did a bit of cleaning – got the screened porch cleaned up and ready for the season.Then the skies opened, and watered my seeds for me – how very nice!  But we realized it might be too cold to sit outside, so we scrambled and cleaned the house, too.  All the while my brain was wanting to know how those colors would come out.

Fast forward past birthday cake and presents to later in the afternoon when the family had left, and only Crimson Crow (also known as friend B) remained.  I knew I could spin in front of her. And spin I did!


I was getting thinner yarn than ever before, and the wheel was working so I just kept going.

After B left, A and I settled down to watch a bit of TV and I kept spinning.  Before I knew it, I had two bobbins full, and so decided to go ahead and ply, as it wasn’t quite bed time.  🙂

By bed time, I had this:


Still a lot of twist, and thick and thin, but I was quite pleased!  It turns out my “thin” yarn is still pretty bulky – about 100 yards in 3.75 ounces.

I soaked it the next day, and by the middle of the week, I had this:


There are places in this where it is quite nice yarn, and where it isn’t, it isn’t too awful.  I was very pleased that I somehow managed, almost but not quite by accident, to put EXACTLY the same yardage on each bobbin, so there was nothing leftover when I was done plying.This is enough to make a cowl, for sure, and I might use my first skeins as the edges of it, I probably have enough to go around a couple of times at start and finish with it.  We will see.

I learned a lesson with this spin –

I have to pace myself.

5 hours is too long to sit and spin.  My legs and hands were quite sore.

My yarn is better if I don’t do it all at once.

I can’t afford to spin a braid every day.

I am applying this lesson with the next braid, and I think it is paying off.


This one I broke down into very manageable chunks, and am pre-drafting the heck out of it, determined to get finer yarn.  I work on it about half an hour at a time, and I am about 1/4 of the way through. I am loving all the shades of red, and can’t wait to see what the finished yarn will look like… but I will wait.  I will not spin the whole thing tomorrow.  🙂


31 thoughts on “Spinning on my own, or what I did last Sunday”

  1. Wow. I’m thrilled for you that you’re doing so well and things are really beginning to ‘grow’ now. I can feel your positivity growing and all your little happy bubbles and jiggling inside you. Such a lovely feeling. 😀
    (totally fabulous post by the way!)
    Love ~ Cobs. x

  2. Wow. You are really getting the knack of things. Beautiful yarn. Love the way they are coming out. What is pre-drafting?

    1. Thank you! Pre- drafting is pulling the fibers apart more before you start spinning. Drafting is pulling them apart as you go, which experienced spinners can do really well. 😉

  3. I would so knit that! It’s beautiful stuff! I was, too, eager to see how those colors were going to come together, and they did in a spectacular way. You should be so proud of that yarn! The red is looking fantastic as well!

  4. Holy crap . . . reading about your spinning is making it look and sound like so much fun and the last thing I need is ANOTHER NEW THING! I love the red and how you learned some lessons through the process!

    1. Lol it could be construed as just part of the thing you already do… Fiber is cheaper than yarn…although the tools cost more than knitting needles. 😉

  5. I see a flock of sheep in your future! You’ll need them, to keep up with your desire to spin. Your progress is so quick and so obvious–must be very satisfying!

    1. lol no way!!! I wouldn’t have time to do all the fun stuff if I had sheep to care for. 🙂 I have no inclination to have farm animals, I will just continue to support those who do.

  6. It must be really satisfying to have a finished product so quickly (even if there is another transformation awaiting it (aka knitting)). Can’t wait to see what you make with these.

    1. It is one of those things that sucks you in – you want to see what happens next, how this will work with that, and before you know it, hours have passed. I am wishing I didn’t have so many things going on my needles now that need to be finished before I knit this up. 🙂

  7. The bearded Iris turned out to be lovely yarn! That is amazing. You are very patient. I would have been so frustrated that I probably would have broken the wheel. I know my limits 😉 You are doing a great job at spinning and you will have fun knitting with your creations. Great job!

    1. Thanks, Ginny! I actually really enjoy doing this, just need to take more breaks. I finished up the first half of the red this weekend and have a good start on the second half. Hope to have yarn by the end of next weekend. 🙂

    1. thank you! I put it off for years, due to expense, one more thing to build a stash around, etc. But I was lucky enough to have my aunt supply me with her old wheel to learn on, and that took away the huge expense part. Now I need to focus on only spinning what I will use and gift to avoid the stash build up… lol.

  8. Oh, that is a lovely braid. You are inspiring me to take up my spinning again. I just got out of the habit, but find that it is one of the most relaxing things that I do. Dogs with yarn as the end result! Great job.

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