An early start

I was up bright and early this morning (thank you, Zumba for the 2 a.m. amble across me, and Allie for throwing up right next to the bed at 4:30.  I got the message and got up.)

Since I had prepped the red corriedale braid last night, I decided to spend half an hour spinning this morning.

I think it looks pretty good so far – not perfectly even, but definitely the thinnest yet.  Since I mostly use fingering and lace weight yarns, I want to be able to spin them.  It is very hard to believe that just a few bits of fur are really all you need to have to make a piece of yarn.


Maybe I’ll get up early every morning to do bit of spinning.  Or maybe not EVERY morning…




16 thoughts on “An early start”

  1. Fur babies are wonderful early morning risers. There is nothing so stimulating first thing before sunrise than being walked over like a carpet and then having the pleasant sound of a fur baby hocking up whatever he/she got into the night before. The spinning looks great! How exciting!

    1. I think they come to tell us something is wrong. We just don’t respond fast enough. I am just glad I heard her and didn’t find it the hard way when I got out of bed in the early morning gloom. 🙂

  2. OK, I have to apologise. I’m (looks down at shoes in order to have the proper stand of someone who’s really sorry) … sorry. I’m laughing here at your early morning get out of bed calls.

    I shouldn’t laugh. I have enough animals to ensure that I shouldn’t laugh at your unfortunate situation. (A dog; three cats – one very old who barfs regularly (vet says she’s fine for her age of almost 22yrs.); two chickens; an angora rabbit who I can’t handle because her fur is so feathery fine that it sticks to my face, my nose, my eyelashes, my clothes … everything. Oh … and I almost forgot the one animal who’s the most work of the lot …. Mr. Cobs. (just joshing. lol)

    I think you should compensate for the loss of sleep by going Spanish and having a siesta after lunch.

    GREAT spinning. Love how well you’re doing. Well done. ~ Cobs. x

    1. it’s ok to laugh. 🙂

      You have an angora bunny? I am jealous. I love angora yarn. 🙂

      Sounds like you also have your hands full with pets demanding you do things other than what you want to be doing – but they are worth the work, aren’t they?

      1. Very much worth the work, Salpal – although Edna (chicken) has been threatened with the roasting pan many times when she’s telling the world that she’s about to lay an egg. (coo, talk about bigging up your part!).

        With regard to the Angora Bunny …. (her name’s Toodies – pronounced two dees – or like ‘2 d’s’). Awww, she’s a beautiful colour – deep grey on her under coat, but darkest, dark grey (not quite black) on her long top coat. She’s a big ol’ bunny and quite heavy, with a chubby face and twitchy nose, fabulously soft floppy ears and the most incredible eyes. But a proper pain in the you know what with her fur. She malts all year round. I’ve taken her to the vet to check her out because I was worried about how she malts all the time, and the vet said that some bunnies do that.

        She malts so much fur that I swear, if you were to spin it, over (say) a year, you’d likely have enough to make a coat…. for the house. lol
        Have a great rest of your day ~ Cobs. x

        1. oho – I always chuckle when I read what you write to me – a coat for the house. 🙂

          Well, if you don’t; spin, I wonder if you could save her fur when you brush her and sell it? You must have some fiber enthusiasts nearby who would love to get their hands on her beautiful fur. And then you could use the money for other crafting supplies. Or chicken feed. 🙂 Sometimes I wish we had chickens and bunnies, but really, with working, I think that 2 independent cats is about all we can handle. Maybe someday…

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