Third and final spinning lesson

This week Debbie taught me to ply – two ply, actually – the singles on my bobbin.  That was an adventure, given that the first bobbin was DEFINITELY inconsistent in thickness, twist, everything.  And the resulting yarn was often too thick for the orifice of the wheel, so together we hand wound a lot of it onto the bobbin.

We got two skeins (small bobbins fill up fast with bulky yarn!), one 36 yards, one 22 yards.  I still had quite a bit of nice thin yardage on a single bobbin, more on that later.


She taught me to wind onto a niddy noddy and calculate my yardage, and then she told me how to set my twist and finish the skeins at home (which I did as soon as I got home).


Then she took my photo with my two skeins and declared I had graduated!  Here they are – all finished.


The lesson ended with me spending the very last of my birthday money (in fact, I owe her 42 cents) on two braids of her hand dyed fibers.

This is You Red My Mind, 4 ounces of Corriedale.


And this is Sea Breeze, 4 ounces of Merino Cashmere.  She said if I do it second, I will be fine.  Yikes! (Color is a bit washed out, it is a pretty saturated braid.)


Check out her offerings of yarn and fiber at, if you are interested.  I was thrilled to finally find some real red!  Of course, now I have to spin it myself, before I can make anything with it, and likely it won’t be socks. I’ll keep searching for that yarn.  🙂 And I have already been reading blogs for how to prep braids for spinning – so many options!

Remember I mentioned that I had a lot of thin yarn on the second bobbin?  I also had about 4 rolags left, so tonight I added them to the yarn on the bobbin, went online and watched a video on how to chain ply.  I decided I could do it, and since there was only one bobbin I could keep track of it without a Lazy Kate.  So, having done that, I can now say that I don’t recommend it, especially with lumpy fuzzy yarn.  But I got through it, and filled a bobbin with real yarn!

Hmmm.  No niddy noddy.  But I do have a yarn swift, and surely that will work.

Yes, it did, and in a pinch, I could do that again, but it doesn’t wind as neatly and evenly as a niddy noddy does.

My third skein is washed and drying (tomato soup this time) and I think it is about 35 yards.  It is much more even yarn than the other two skeins, I’ll show it to you once it is dry.

I have no idea what I will do with all these short lumpy skeins, maybe frame them?

I definitely feel like a novice but I feel like a novice who can do this if I keep practicing.  I also determined that until I get more fiber money, I am going to have to make a Lazy Kate of some sort, and a niddy noddy. But after looking at some she had in her shop, I think I can create some that will work.  Because I would rather save my money for a pair of hand cards.  I think.  But maybe not, maybe some blue and green and purple fiber?


13 thoughts on “Third and final spinning lesson”

  1. This is very exciting–you’ve opened up a new door (even though it’s an expensive one!) I think your first two skeins are beautiful and you must make something with them!

  2. So impressed. Spinning is on my list of skills to learn (frankly there isn’t much I don’t want to learn to do), and I’m hoping to get a taste of it this summer. Can’t wait to see why you’ll make next.

  3. Love this! The thick and thin yarn should be knit up. I think you’ll really like the texture once you see it and then frame it. Spinners say that once they progress it is very hard for them to spin thick yarn or the combination of thick and thin. With the nitty noddy and lazy kate, this is where A and her wood working skills will shine. Ask her to make you some.

    1. Thank you! I have heard that, too, about it being hard to make this line of yarn going forward. I hope I get that good!

      I did ask A, showed her photos, and she sent me over to the Purple Fleece today to buy them. I quickly went and did just that. 😉 Something about too many projects. Lol.

    1. thank you! I feel like I am making good progress, I have lots to share this weekend when I get around to writing a post about last weekend’s spinning. 🙂

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