Is it just me?

I seem to ask that a lot!  This time it is about bloggers who disappear for a bit.  At first, I think, I don’t notice.  Then, I think “oh, they are on vacation” or “maybe they are busy.”  But suddenly I realize that it has been a really long time since I saw a post, and I start to worry a bit.

I go on to their blog to make sure I haven’t just been reading their blog and not registering that it is them. (Be quiet.  I am getting older by the minute.)

So then what?  If this was a “real” relationship, I would pick up the phone and call, or stop over with a plate of cookies, or send off an email.

But this isn’t like that.  Some of you, I don’t even know your names, yet I think of you as close friends.  I worry when I don’t hear from you.

Right now there are a few of you. You know who you are.  This isn’t to make you feel guilty for not being in touch, it is to let you know that there are real people out here who care about you and love hearing from you.  I hope you are OK. I am here if you need me.




28 thoughts on “Is it just me?”

  1. I agree, it is easy to “make friends” but sometimes much harder to “stay in touch” when the relationships are only on-line. I know this summer is shaping up to be very busy for me and hard to keep up on reading let alone writing a blog post too often 🙂

    1. I understand that this happens because it happens to me, too. But still I worry about my e-friends. 🙂 I wont; worry about you, though, until fall.

  2. I tend to “disappear ” now and again. Usually just means life is nuts and I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth!! And I don’t make comments often, since I’m a bit shy. But I know what you mean.

  3. I agree, it is worrying when favourite blogs just stop. I once did leave a comment on one to say I was missing them but never heard back. I have had hard times and it would have been easy to stop blogging but keeping going on the blog actually helped get me through. It’s just life in this new era of online communication, we will just get used to people fizzling out and away.

    1. I suppose you are right… kind of odd and hard to just let people go like that. Hard in person, hard on line. I agree with you, thought, when I face hard times, I look forward to my blogging time, even if only to read and leave comments. It is peaceful and loving (if I am careful what I read!)

  4. I feel exactly as you do, when one of my regulars fades away! I have even, in a couple cases, searched out email addresses and sent a message, inquiring about well being. I’m hoping that, if I ever decide to wind my blog down, I will remember to say goodbye . . .

    1. I have been known to do the same, but sometimes that info can’t be found. Yes, please do post a good-bye when you decide to quit blogging! Which I hope is a long time away, I love reading your posts.

  5. well I’m still here and blogging madly so it can’t be me you’re worried about ^^
    But yes, I do know what you mean. A couple of blogs I used to follow suddenly stopped for no reason and I often wondered.
    I fear many blogs will go a little quiet over the summer months: mums with kids at home driving them up the wall (no longer me lol) or people going somewhere nice on holiday.

    1. Yes, you are and I am thankful for it! I love the sewing and hens and cats and things. 🙂

      I think you are right, summer is a busy time, so I hope I can remain calm until fall when some of my favorites post again about what they did all summer.

  6. you said: “I hope you are OK. I am here if you need me.” …. Likewise Salpal.
    I know I was missing for a time due to real life, illness and a totally Rubbish (with a capital R) Virgin Media (named and shamed) internet service, and if you wrote to me during my time of MIA and I haven’t replied then one of two things could be the reason.

    I’m still ploughing my way through all the emails that have gone to my blog email address (emails from other blogs about posts they’ve made and I’ve missed among TONS of Pinterest emails), and if I haven’t got to your email yet then please forgive me. If you’ve sent one, I will reply. But .. if the internet sent your email to the ‘junk’ folder, well, I’ve just been and checked that and it’s empty – but it dumps anything in that folder, automatically every few days, so if I’ve missed it then I’ve missed out. So, just in case: apologies for no return email. (If it’s in my email, I will reply when I’ve found it).

    But … I know exactly what you mean about feeling that some people on the net and in blog land are more than just names on a computer screen. I too miss a handful of people who have disappeared. And like you, I do worry that something has happened, but hope with all my heart that everything really is ok in their world.

    Please don’t you disappear. We would all miss you very much. ~ Cobs. x ❤

    1. Thanks, Cobs, I missed you while you were gone, and no fear, I did not email, but waited impatiently. It takes me a long time to get to the email stage. I guess just sending good thoughts out to people who disappear is all we can do.
      But don’t do it again, OK? 🙂

  7. Hmm, I can’t help but wonder if my long-overdue blog post yesterday has anything to do with your post. If so, thanks for being a regular reader and a friend! What often happens to me is that there is so much I want to blog about that I get a little overwhelmed, ideas kind of tumble over each other like unruly kittens. Then I resort to the “summary” post. I keep thinking I’d like to have a little schedule (I love ritual!) of when to post, but at other times, I like to just go with the flow.

    But to answer your original question, I now keep the blogs I follow regularly in Feedly but if someone doesn’t post for awhile, I think – why not send them a little note? Life is crazy, and yes, it is summertime…

    1. You were one of them, yes. 🙂 and that summary – holy cow, you were busy. I will never worry about you again, but rather wait and see all the million things you have been up to. 🙂

  8. I’m glad you posted this, because I feel just the same way and for some silly reason was thinking it was just me. And you’re right, in real life we’d pick up the phone, which I guess is why missing our blogging chums nags so much 😦

  9. Oh no it’s definitely not just you, I too miss people when they disappear from the blogosphere. I think sometimes life does take over, well it does for me, it’s taken me a week to find time to grab a cup of tea and just catch up on reading all the blog posts I have missed. How I wish there were more hours in the day!

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