I know many of you reading this will have a hard time appreciating it,but…

I hope you will bear with me.

I get mad at the weathermen all the time, as you know.  They get my hopes up, only to be completely wrong in their forecasting.

My pool only needed about 6 inches of water when the ice went out this spring, and I was all excited, because I knew that would happen fairly quickly with the spring rains.

And the weatherman predicted rain each week.

And it didn’t rain.  For two months.

There are floods in Texas.  France, Germany, and Belgium are nearly submerged.

And it doesn’t rain a drop here.

I start running the hose for 15 minutes a day, knowing this will take an eternity to bring the pool water up to the filter inlet.  But knowing that it will have to rain eventually.

They predict “torrential rains” for Memorial Day.

It is foggy, maybe such heavy fog as to actually be a drizzle, but it never rains. My rain gauge doesn’t even get wet.

I keep running the hose a bit each day.  I also give the asparagus and garlic and a few tender shrubs very brief drinks every other day.  If it isn’t raining, then I don’t want to over-use the well, right?

Meanwhile, they stop predicting rain in the immediate forecasts, just some chances of unsettled weather 5-6 days out, moving to always stay 5-6 days out.

It never comes.

I keep up my fifteen minutes with the hose, and start noticing the gap is shrinking.

Then, Friday night, I take a rock to my windshield, and a very long crack races across it.  I call to have the glass replaced.  They can’t do it until Thursday.

Thursday arrives and so does the glass man.  He does his thing, I give him the credit card (sigh) and before he heads off he says to me “keep the windows open 1/4 inch for 48 hours.”

Thursday night when I run the hose I FINALLY reach the bottom of the filter intake!

Friday morning’s weather forecast is for unsettled weather, chance of showers.



It is pouring rain, and has been for hours.

All the seats in my car are wet.


But the pool – at last I know I will be able to get the pool cleaned out and usable THIS WEEKEND!

The plants and trees are so happy!


For once, I am glad the weather man is wrong, although I still think he should stop calling it a forecast, and call it what it is – a wild-assed guess at what the skies might bring us. Or he should be fired, I alternate between the two.






19 thoughts on “I know many of you reading this will have a hard time appreciating it,but…”

  1. Bless your heart. I’m sorry to hear about your windshield. I hope your car seats dry out quickly.
    I can relate on the expectation of rain… we’ve been doing the watering thing on our gardens even though rain has been in the ‘forecast’ for the past couple weeks. But it was a no-show. Finally this week the rains came.
    I’m with you, it’s not really a forecast, it truly is wild guess.
    Enjoy your pool. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain. It seems to me that the more high powered technology they get to forecast the more they mess up. Sorry about your car seats. Do you have a hair dryer?

  3. Oh gosh, that’s terrible! I mean, I’m glad you’re getting the rain, but your poor car. Hopefully you’ll get a few really nice days so you can open all the windows and let it dry in some sunshine.

  4. Now you know what to do when you need rain. Sorry about the cracked windshield. How I dread getting one. Same thing with the weather is happening here. The weather guy says rain, we get none. I’ve stopped listening to him.

    1. I was so mad! I had a small split from the winter, but it was holding steady so I was ignoring it, thankfully. I saw the rock come flying just before it hit but couldn’t avoid it. It really cracked it hard. I was glad I had waited to get it fixed, but now I am afraid it will happen again, and I don’t want to pay this again!

      And yes, I did think i now know how to ensure rain!

  5. Yeah, sometimes they’re wrong. Unfortunately they haven’t been wrong with this week’s weather; we’ve been suffering through the 90’s.

    1. I wish it was only sometimes! The non-event on the big torrential rain nearly did me in. 😉

      I am sorry you are having it so hot, though. Hope it cools off soon!

  6. I often wonder why they waste all that money on forecasting equipment when they don’t even seem to be able to predict what’s going to happen in the next hour. Glad you got your rain eventually, although sorry your car seats got wet.

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