Spinning lesson number two

This week we adjusted the wheel some more and put a spring on the scotch tension. That helped a lot. Debbie-the-teacher thinks that there is some issue with the footman, and had me try a couple of different wheels.  The treadling was definitely easier on the newer wheels.  I’ll keep cleaning and oiling this one though, as I am not ready to choose a new one.  Well, I am not ready to PAY for a new one.  🙂

Then Debbie taught me how to hand card and make rolags, and spin from them. Now this is ever so much easier! I am getting a nice thin single at last.

She loaned me hand carders, gave me a bag of clean fleece and the assignment of  spending an hour a day hand carding and spinning,  and fill the bobbin by next Wednesday.  I think it will take a lot more spinning to fill it this week than it did last week!

She also said I AM ready for colors, and how else will I learn all the joys of this craft if I don’t practice on new things?  She compared it to knitting with cheap acrylic yarn or a beautiful soft merino/silk blend.  She sold me, and I will be checking out her pretty hand-painted braids. As well as all the fabulous offerings at Fiber Frolic this weekend – can’t wait!








9 thoughts on “Spinning lesson number two”

    1. Thanks! The lessons are once a week for three weeks, and my teacher is pretty clear- spin every day during that time and you will become a spinner. I’m giving it a shot. 😀

        1. lol it is! I can’t ever do it on Tuesdays, and I missed Saturday this week, so did a long spin yesterday to try to make up for it. Tonight I will work on it some more, and that will have to do for my lesson on Wednesday.

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