Mom’s best garden ever


This is an old photo – taken on film, long ago lost, but thankfully scanned first.

This is in June, Maine’s prettiest month, when all things bloom.  Mom worked so hard to create her garden, her soil was clay, rock hard when baked in the sun.  Eventually she was able to afford to have a foot or so of it scraped off and replaced with real garden soil, and this is the result.  A beautiful flower bed surrounded by green grass, then a huge field of hay (and buttercups), edged by Maine’s wonderful pine trees. Behind those trees, the creek that leads to the bay that leads to the ocean.

Sure do miss this lovely place.

Don’t miss mowing it.




14 thoughts on “Mom’s best garden ever”

  1. Things like this are why I love photography. It helps up remember things that meant a lot to us but are no longer here. I have a photo of my grandson and me. We are sitting in the floor, he is about 2 years old and sitting in between my legs with a tie around his neck. He is 27 years old now and still loves his Mee Maw.

    1. it really was wonderful. My nieces say they are still mad at her for selling it, they loved spending summers there. But it got to be too much for her to maintain, and it is FAR from everywhere, so she downsized and moved to a more central location. Which is also lovely, but in a different way.

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