Not much exciting going on here!

This weekend was busy busy, but I feel like nothing got accomplished.  It was like knitting a mile of stockinette – you know you are making progress, but it is hard to see.

Saturday we got an early start, because we had things to do and we had to be in Brewer by noon time for A’s sister’s birthday lunch.  I managed to get the bathroom clean, my hair cut, some of the tree bits out of the pool before we headed out.

We came home afterwards, and it wasn’t until we drove in the driveway that we realized we forgot to go to the grocery store.  Sigh.  Did some household chores before retiring to the knitting couch – working on some baby hats for sale.

Today I felt ambitious, and while A did a special project for work, I cut up some old pallets and loaded the car with a lot of junk and trash for the dump, then went there and to the grocery store, which had way too many people for a beautiful Sunday!  I’ll have to remember that.  🙂  A went off for her weekly golf game, and I worked some more on the pool and in the yard, but everything looks the same.  Then I quit because it was hot, and went back to knitting  🙂

It is amazing to me that it was hot. It seems we are back into normal weather.  I notice the flowers are working really hard to get on track – lilacs are starting to bud, and might hit their normal bloom date of Memorial Day weekend.  Lupine are sending up flower heads, as well, they are usually blooming early in June.  Bleeding heart is blooming, trees are suddenly quite green. Everything is growing like mad, and so next weekend, I will need to weed whack, which I do instead of mowing this mess.  🙂 And finish getting the pool ready because I think swimming will be happening soon.

I did block Reyna, and she is packed up, ready to ship out tomorrow.  She is smaller than I would like, but I used the yarn they sent, so I hope they are pleased with it.  Once blocked, the shawl is 46 inches across, 21 inches tall at peak. Big enough to wear as a scarf or kerchief, certainly.



Here’s a picture of something you won’t see often on this blog –


My boss brought me in a bag of rhubarb last week, so I made a pie on Friday night.  Pie is not something I excel at, or do often, but I LOVE rhubarb pie, so I managed to bake this.  🙂  It seems I come from a cake family, and A from a cookie family, so this was a rare treat.

I think I will go have a slice now before I brush my teeth.

Hope you all had a good, productive and fun weekend!


14 thoughts on “Not much exciting going on here!”

  1. Oh – SalPal, not sure if you would love or hate, but I’ve got plenty of rhubarb spring and fall to keep you in your fave pie! 🙂 Alas, plenty of it, cuz till I’m also growing strawberries to make jam with it, I just give it away to neighbors – (though, I was SOOO careful last year after transplanting to new spot, in more exposed area – and read every factoid I could – to not harvest too much/not enough etc…..) LOL – – the kercheif 🙂 is beautiful! and I’m still in awe that you ‘block’ stuff! I’ve made blanket gifts – finish crocheting – wash, dry, fold, wrap and say, “Here ya go!” LOL – You are my hero and you ever pass this way in season, make sure to stop by and get your store of rhubarb! It survives when the lilac blossoms falter! 🙂 (sob!….)

    1. Someday I hope to pass your way – I would love to see all you are doing in that wonderful house and yard! As for blocking – I only block when it matters – like lacey things. 🙂

      Maybe someday I’ll have my own rhubarb plant… the good news is, my beach plums survived another year. They have never blossomed, but just living is a good thing. 🙂

  2. The shawl looks wonderful as does the pie. I’ve never had rhubarb, but it looks delicious.

  3. Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend! I adore lilac; need to plant some for myself (where the dog won’t tear it up, of course). The shawl is so pretty!

    1. Everything planted in my sandlot struggles, but thankfully my neighbors have real dirt, so I can see lilacs even if mine are barely able to stay alive and give no thought to blooming. 🙂

      Thanks for kind words on the shawl. I think it is pretty, too. 🙂

  4. The shawl turned out to be so elegant. You are a true artist with yarn.
    Oh dear and my my my how delicious is that pie. I haven’t had rhubarb in decades.
    Your pie is picture perfect.
    Have a great week!

  5. I’ll second that pie making is exciting. The shawl is gorgeous. But I know what you mean, sometimes you just don’t feel you’ve got very far in the time you’ve had 🙂

    1. Thanks. 🙂 Some things are so much work that small increments don’t show until suddenly it is done. Summer yard work is like that, I think.

  6. Mmmm, that pie looks delicious! I don’t tend to eat rhubarb much these days but it brings back fond memories as my grandparents used to grow it in their garden so we used to have it a lot. I used to love it stewed with custard 🙂 The shawl looks lovely!

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