I made it nine days

Kind of hard to believe that without trying or not trying, it was ten days into May before I wore something I made.

Getting dressed this morning in my favorite but boring-est outfit – navy blue skirt, white shirt, navy lace up oh so comfortable old lady shoes I realized wanted some sparkle, and that I had just the thing – a necklace knit up in Laura Nelkin’s Rippled pattern, but using different beads than she called for.  This one has Swarovski Crystals at the edge instead of matagama beads.

As soon as I fastened it on and I  realized it was, in fact, the perfect touch. (Photo cropped to hopefully hide hideous wrinkles – who put that old lady neck on me???? uh, I mean, to accent the necklace.)



Almost as an after thought, I stuffed my blue lace cardigan in my bag on the way out the door.

Glad I did, it went on as soon as I got to work. Then as I sat a little longer in my freezing cold office I added old blue mitts I always keep in my bag (it snowed yesterday.  I mean seriously, what is that about???? Don’t tell me 70 coming on Thursday, I don’t care.  It freaking snowed yesterday.)

So now I resemble a bejeweled blue and white bag lady.

Wearing three things I made and really wishing that I had also grabbed a pair of warm hand knit socks.





17 thoughts on “I made it nine days”

    1. thanks very much! Yes, it was a good thing, although now it is a warm day – don’t even need the sweater, let alone mitts. I have a jacket in the car for this evening, I am sure it will get chilly again when the sun goes down.

    1. Thanks, Stefanie! I love Laura Nelkins’ jewelry patterns, and make them up in all sorts of colors and styles. I almost forgot I made this one this winter. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I did get a few nice compliments.

      Yes, snow – only flurries here, but still noticeable. they got real snow (measurable) in the northern parts of the state. And even though it is supposed to be nice and warm the next few days, we still have plenty of frost warnings in the overnight forecasts. Ugh. I want to uncover my strawberries before the 4th of July!

  1. Love the necklace. What a pretty touch. Snow in May in Maine is not that unusual. One year we got 10 inches on May 6th. Sandals the day before gave way to boots the next.

    1. Thanks! I love making those little silk/beaded things and they don’t take anywhere near as long as a lace shawl, lol.

      Snow in May – sigh. I know it isn’t uncommon, but it IS cruel. 🙂 I noticed this morning that asparagus is poking it’s head out,a dn the garlic is growing very well. But no other veggies have been planted, and won’t be for a few weeks. And the strawberries remain deep in straw. Good news is muscari is looking fabulous, as are some daffies. Tulips are budded… so some think it is truly going to get warm enough to bloom. 🙂

    1. now it is here for a few days at least. I uncovered my strawberries yesterday, but kept the old straw nearby in case I have to cover them overnight. We can get frost for another month or two. Sigh.

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