Eternity is this bind off

I knew I had a lot of stitches in the needle. I didn’t count them because it would make me put it in time out, and what this really calls for is dogged determination.

This morning I gave it a good chunk of time, maybe more than an hour.

Here is my progress.


I did 5 pattern repeats. Each one is 29 stitches. Sort of. Thing is that it is a picot edge, so most of it is cast on 3 bind off 6. Yup, double the stitches.

Been working on it every evening this week and this morning and I can see the end but am not there yet.


7.5 repeats to go. You can do the math but please don’t tell me the answer.


It is awfully pretty, isn’t it? Worth every minute of blinding, finger cramping, bead dropping knitting. 😀


13 thoughts on “Eternity is this bind off”

  1. Every stitch worked is one less that needs to be worked. This too shall pass. Keep you focus on how pretty it is and what a relief it will be when done.

    1. Thanks! I finished binding off today, whew! Now to block. I know from experience it will take a couple of hours to pin all those picots. Think I’ll wait a few days for that.

    1. Good for you, taking it at a rational speed! I have to start making things for sale so wanted to get it done. Finally shed binding off today. I’ll block later. I have to wonder about the people who were done and blocked in a month. Do they not have lives, jobs, houses and gardens?

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