Random thoughts

My brother N posted on Facebook last week – he does that every now and then.  This post was particularly good, I felt.  It went something like this:

Maine Spring to do list:


  • mow grass
  • mulch shrubs
  • plant flowers
  • top off pool


  • shovel walk
  • salt steps
  • plow driveway
  • scrape cars


That’s about the size of it.  Every time I think we are really getting spring it gets cold and nasty. Every time I think it will be cold and nasty, it gets warm and sunny. I am going to keep on thinking cold and nasty thoughts.

Apparently I am more contrary than I knew (which is amazing as all my life I have been told I am more contrary than Mary, Mary.)

Here we are on the 4th day of Me Made May, and I have not yet worn anything I made. Seriously, not even earrings.  Not even socks.

And to think I seriously considered joining in this year.  Guess it is a good thing I didn’t.  I wonder how long I can go not wearing anything I made?

What I am learning by volunteering one evening a week:

I need lots of sleep.  I went to bed two hours later than normal last night, and I am exhausted. It will take me all week to make up the sleep.  Not sure I like this development.

New mattress arrives today.  Maybe that will help me catch up on my sleep.



21 thoughts on “Random thoughts”

  1. When anything messes with the amount of sleep I need it is not good for me, people in general and the world as a whole. Your brother’s spot on about Spring in Maine. Down here we’re damp, cool, cloudy and rainy. And the forecast is for another two weeks of this. Depressing.

    1. two more weeks of that? That IS depressing. You probably don’t need the rain anymore, either. Your May (June) flowers should be fabulous!

      Went to bed early last night, so I am feeling better. Or maybe I am getting more used to my one “late” night, and adjusting faster? Not sure. It does seem like an old person’s ailment to take days to recover from staying up until 10 o’clock on a “school” night… and I am not ready to be that old!

  2. Hope you have a great night’s sleep tonight w/the new mattress. I need to go to bed earlier too as I usually wake up to use the bathroom which is disruptive to my sleep.

  3. LOL! Here’s my list:

    Move pear trees and grape vines to south side of house, shelter, to make room for remodel indoor project –

    Wake up Saturday, to cold house, see 4ft drift in front of kitchen door – wonder how the plants are faring…

    Tuesday – see unborn, not fully formed baby bird corpse in garden while ripping out weeds that just loved all the melting moisture of snow – still to wet to mow – wonder if the egg was blown out of nest or if dropped while Mama bird tried to move ‘nest occupents’ to shelter from heavy wet snow & ice shards being blown out of the cannon by high winds –

    Wednesday – look at all the raking to do again over the mow/weed whip areas – turn gaze to look at the 2ft drift of snow areas where snow was removed to – look at growing grass – wonder how high it will be before dry enough to mow – look at all the weeds to pull – – go back to couch, in tired stupor and wonder why I didn’t volunteer to do interstellar space travel – 20 light year journey does mean a great nap, doncha know…. LOL


    1. ooooh, that is also a good list! You guys have had some serious snow in the past few weeks. I have a friend who spent her vacation at Denver International Airport – couldn’t fly out, couldn’t drive home. Crazy!

          1. Lol. Well then, I will know to check in and cyber wave to her when ever I post about our local weather parterns! Lol we do get to sun bathe in wintertime here and there. 🙂

          2. I’ll pass the wave on to her. Weather does seem extreme the past few years, this climate change (whatever the cause!) is crazy!

  4. Actually laughing at your brothers post! Love it.
    We have a saying here … Come to Great Britain and experience all our different sorts of weather:- Sunshine, Rain, Wind, Snow, Sleet, Hail, Thunder Lightening, Gales, …. all on one day.

    Even though it’s a joke, … to some extent it’s true. Just last week it was a warm, beautiful bright sunny day and within two hours we had first hail then snow. 😀
    Hugs and love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Around here we say “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” They say Mark Twain first said it, but I can’t swear to that. But it often is true!

      Hope you get more sunshine and warm weather than cold rain and sleet and snow. I think we are all ready for a day in the WARM sunshine. 🙂

  5. So you could do a (Not)MeMadeMay – I wonder how hard it would be to avoid wearing things you’d made! Hope the mattress is the stuff that dreams are made of!

    1. lol, I could, couldn’t I? So far I am sticking with it, although not intentionally. It isn’t so cold that I need shawls and socks, and so far the sweaters I have grabbed have been store bought. And the same for jewelry. I expect I will at least wear some of that before the month is up. And once we shift to summer clothes for real, I will almost have to wear things I made, since I wear cotton skirts all summer long, and I have made at least half of the ones I have.

      The bed was fabulous last night! I woke up a bit more than normal, but when I slept, I slept hard, and I feel much more rested today. It’s all good!

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