Look, I finished something!


Bobbi’s mitts are complete and ready to deliver!  Click the link to see the notes.  I wrote out the whole pattern, feel free to take and make your own.


They can be worn cuffed or uncuffed.  Cable design on hand back, 2 x2 ribbing on palm.



I might have to make some for myself someday.  🙂


Here’s the whole set her lucky daughter is getting for her birthday:




Between this and a couple of hats that I will ship out tomorrow, my fiber spending money is in pretty good shape.  I’ll call to set up spinning lessons this weekend.  🙂



Other knitting includes the Danse Macabre MKAL – if you are in that and don’t want to see my slow progress, avert your eyes now.  🙂





Very hard for a variety of reasons to get a good photo of this, and I didn’t feel like taking it off the needle to spread out for the full effect.  Maybe when I get caught up.  I love how the silver beads sparkle in the bright blue.  🙂


Loads of garter stitch and beads so far – the third clue just came out and I have barely begun the second, hope to catch up this weekend.

Harriet and Maluka are still in progress and worked on regularly if not steadily – they are coming along but look about the same as last time you saw them.

I had only a half day today (got all my hours in early in this crazy week) so I am going to head off and knit now.  Have a wonderful Friday!


21 thoughts on “Look, I finished something!”

  1. Congrats on the finish! What a beautiful set some lucky girl is getting. Love the color and that little speck of blue popping up here and there. Very pretty. Love the blue shawl, is it? Love how the beads sparkle. What size crochet hook are you using to put them on? I haven’t tried that technique yet, but hope to get back to my shawl someday and want to add beads to it.

    1. Thanks, Ginny. It is a shawl, and fun as I don’t know what it will look like. I am using a 1.4 mm hook. Others on the KAL are using something the call a cro-tat hook, it holds more beads, but I have this and it works.

  2. That set is really nice, and the wrist/handwarmers look comfy. Thanks for the pattern! Looks like a good way to use some errant skeins of yarn in my stash.

  3. Wow, these are stunning. I love the pattern, and I do love cables so much. You are great!
    Lovely shawl, and so many pretty shiny beads. Its going to be a great project and looks gorgeous when done. Have fun!!

    1. Thanks! I was pretty well caught up on clues, thinking I could finish this week’s this week, but no knitting happened last night, and none tomorrow night – so tonight I will have to crank out the rows!

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