It’s April, right?   17 comments

I feel I should not be wrapped in wool this week, yet I find I am.

We have in floor radiant heat at work.  It is in a concrete slab.  It is pretty nice if the weather is consistent and changes are gradual.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the only knitwear I was wearing was a necklace or pair of earrings.  The weather had warmed up, the building had not noticed, so it was actually too warm at work.  We even opened a window once.  IN MARCH.  IN MAINE.

Now that it is April, it is freezing and windy again. But the darned building still thinks it is warm out.  So, this week I am back to tights with wool socks, warm shawl wrapped on top of shirt and fleece vest.  Fingerless mitts not too far away.  Mittens for the ride to and from. And of course, a pretty pair of earrings and a bracelet.  😉

I haven’t gotten so cold as to wear a hat yet, but if something doesn’t give, that is next.

And to think, I was under the impression that I would be opening the pool early this year.

I didn’t have the camera handy this weekend, but I did a whole lot of knitting – down to the wire with basketball!  I started the first clue of the Boo Knits MKAL Danse Macabre. Claire got me hooked on her patterns (remember Pease Blossom? Boo Knits designed it) and so I joined this MKAL.  There are a crazy number of participants, the forum page is over 200 pages long and it is not even one week old! I am using a BRIGHT blue wool/silk blend (Juniper Moon Farm Findley in Deep Blue) and crystal beads lined with silver, # 5 triangle.  I love how it looks so far, like a starry night.  I’ll show you progress in a later post – don’t want to post a spoiler, but clue 2 was released today, so I will just warn you before I post a photo.

I also worked hard on Harriet, as she was on my longer #5 circular.  She is now on the shorter one, even though I haven’t gotten to the decreases quite yet, I am close, and will just be careful with her.

I finished the knitting and blocking on Bobbi’s mitts, and just have to sew up the side seams.  I wrote out what I did on my pattern page, so when I finish them I will take a photo and share it and the how-to with you all.

I did a bit more work on Maluka yesterday at a lunch meeting, it moves along slowly, but is pretty.  I think when I finish Harriet, Maluka will get moved to the evening knitting spot in the rotation.  When I am not working on the MKAL, of course.

I RESISTED casting on the necklaces I have all strung and waiting, and also a blue and white striped angora baby beanie I want to make to sell this summer. It amazes me how my mind can be thinking about the next possibility even as I am working on something I love.

So look for lots of photos in the next post, OK?  When my hands are thawed enough to hit that little button. Without shaking and shivering.

Meanwhile – basketball – Villanova – WOW!  A is away for two night in a place with no wifi and no TV, so we have recorded the games and I did not watch last night.  But I couldn’t help but take a peek to see who won, and it looks like it will be an amazing game to watch.  I hope I have the fortitude to NOT watch tonight’s game as well, but it is my UCONN girls working to break all sorts of records, so I might watch the first quarter. Just so I can get some more knitting done.  Yeah, that’s it. Just one quarter, ’til I finish the row.

The great part is I get to watch both games again when she gets home. 🙂 Then we wait an eternity for it all to start over again.





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  1. The Villanova game was awesome. You guys will enjoy it. It’s probably the best game I’ve seen this year. Go UConn!

    • My boss is a pHilly area transplant, he was SOME pumped about the game, so I heard about the last two minutes. 🙂 I did watch the first quarter last night and read a few articles about the game, so I know that my girls did, indeed win. Not a good game in the same way, but oh, how I love watching them play, they are so elegant when they run their offense. I’m sick of hearing how they are ruining the game – how, exactly does playing perfectly ruin it? It gives everyone else something to aim at, and someday, someone will once again beat them, as Notre Dame, Stanford, Tennessee, and Baylor have all done in the past. I expect they will lose a game next year, as they have 4 seniors on the team this year. But they should be allowed to bask in the glory their hard work has brought them.

  2. You have been crafty and busy. Sounds great. I will look out for your post and pics.
    Pity about the weather, or more so, the building that is not “getting it” just yet. All the best, and try and stay warm there, even though it should be much warmer by now. Take care.

    • I don’t; know what to do about the weather. 🙂 It is going to get a bit warmer tonight, which is good as a storm is coming, it will only start as snow, but wind up as lots of rain.

      Ice in the pool again this morning. Sigh.

  3. Well, at least you’ve got the knits to keep you warm, right? Here’s hoping you get some warmer whether soon. I’m looking forward to seeing some photos of all your craftiness!

  4. It is down in the teens and 20’s at night. Winter coats are back on, snow, sleet and hail today 😦 Farther north is expecting 5″ of snow. It looks so gloomy outside. Hail covering my deck, roof tops and grass, but it’s supposed to be 50 degrees later! And we are still in for some very cold temps this week and next. Mother Nature is very confused or playing games with all of us. I do hope Spring arrives soon. For you and me 🙂

    • It is a crazy spring. Even though it was cold out today, I started leaning the pool and getting it ready for summer. More to do, but at least it is begun! I have not yet planted any seeds, still a bit early, and we do have a chance of snow this week. 😖

      • We received a couple of inches of snow yesterday 😦 Seems like it has snowed everyday of April so far. Can’t even think about planting anything around here until Mother’s Day, but to be safe, we usually wait until then end of May. Spring will come, right?

        • I really can’t believe how cold and nasty this spring is, after a fairly uneventful winter!!! We have not had as much snow as you have, but we have had scary high winds and tons of rain. However, I feel hope when it stays above freezing for a few days, and later this week, we might get into the 50s!! Moving in the right direction, although you are right about planting – peas in between Mothers Day and Memorial Day, everything else waits until at least Memorial Day. No matter how tempted I am on a warm day. 🙂

  5. Know how you feel. The weather man keep saying it’s warmer, but the weather doesn’t seem to have heard him.

  6. My, you have been busy! I’m looking forward to all the photo’s 🙂

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