Another quick post with no photos

We had a nice weekend, but I did not get photos.  Now it is gray and gloomy again.  😦 I am thinking of bribing coercing guilting asking my niece to model some things for me, if she gives in suffers through it agrees, I will share photos.

We had a near tragedy in the house on Saturday.  Niece B has two pets – beta fish named Apples and Todd – which she of course had to bring along with her this week.  Not a problem.  They sit in their dishes on the bureau, and seem content.  But Saturday morning we were all in our bedroom visiting, and had Allie in there with us.  Zumba was elsewhere, sleeping we assumed.

A went off to get something in the other part of the house and we heard a yell “Apples is on the floor!”  we went running out to where Zumba sat, watching a fish flop around on the floor.  It seems B had left her door ajar, and Zumba had gone into investigate.  “Somehow” Apples’ dish had fallen to the floor and broken, and so the poor fish nearly expired.  There were  tears and races to get a new dish and water, and lots of anxious watching a little fish just hang in the water, one gill flapping madly.  Eventually the other gill moved, and now, two days later, it seems the fish is fine.

B will not leave her door open ever again, and Zumba doesn’t know that she was nearly a murderer.  We are thankful that A decided to go get the vacuum just then, or this might have turned into a miserable week.

B is working to get a more furry pet with four legs, she thinks the school will let her get a “therapy” hamster if she keeps it in a cage.  So her next visit might be even more exciting.

Monday Mom and Stepdad B stopped by on their way home from Bangor to have a short visit.  Since we were having a stupid spring snow thing, they did not stay long, but it was nice to see them, and for them to see Niece B. (If I were naming my family, I have to say I would not have so many names start with B and C!)

I am taking a couple of half days this week, and yesterday was one. B and I headed to Bangor for a bit of shopping, and an early supper at Olive Garden with A when she got out of work. I picked up a few foam pads to make the sofa bed more comfortable, I hope, and then we went to Joann’s.  Ahhh, a craft store with a bit of cash in my pocket.  🙂  I got a few items I hope will work as jewelry displays at the shop this summer, and a few things I maybe didn’t need for card making.  I also picked up Vogue Knitting and an Interweave Knits magazines, which I haven’t done in a very long time.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I opened the covers and saw all the cool projects. Even the ads are inspiring.  I made B look through them and tell me things she liked and didn’t like.  It was interesting, and not at all what I expected.  🙂

Today I work all day, and tomorrow I leave early again – that is photo shoot day (I hope) and them off to Belfast, where I will show her a SUPER fabric store, and hopefully some alpacas, as well as a whole lot of independently owned shops we can browse.  I am trying to teach the “buy the best quality basics you can afford” rule for clothing and home furnishings,  that trendy pops can be added and switched out if the bones are good. But I am not sure I am getting anywhere, it’s not a lesson a 21 year old who has never had the luxury of quality seems inclined to understand. 🙂

Friday is a tax day in Milbridge, which means a LONG day – early start to meet other volunteers for a carpool, and then a long day of tax prep and a long drive home.  We will help lots of people who need the help, and that is what keeps us going on the longest days.  Especially the ones that are supposed to start out snowy.  Ugh.  Then the weekend, and our last few days with our visitor.  The week seems to fly.

Photos next time, of something, I PROMISE.  Even if it is just of a cat sleeping and dreaming of flopping fish, there will be a photo.


7 thoughts on “Another quick post with no photos”

  1. Yes, when aquatic animals and furry ones intersect the results can be less than optimal. That is one hardy Beta. Zumba gets points for not eating the fish. Good Zumba.

    1. She does get points… we think it must have just happened as she was sitting watching it flop about. I think a few more minutes and she would have flattened it with a paw. She is not our best hunter. Her sister Allie would have been playing soccer with the darned thing. And her long missing sister Tigger would have eaten it without spilling a drop of water and then looked particularly innocent as she cleaned her face. I would not go so far as to say “good Zumba” but she didn’t; get scolded too hard. She was just being a cat after all.

  2. That lesson–about buying quality–is a tough one. Young people seem to really be drawn to the flashy and trendy. Keep trying–maybe you’ll make an impression on her!

    1. Of course I will keep trying! I am quite dogged sometimes. Her line is “my clothes always wear out so fast, I can’t afford to buy expensive ones.” Telling her that buying well made expensive ones is an investment and they will last longer, thus saving her money is met with a noncommittal shrug. She just doesn’t believe it. And truthfully, she hasn’t got a lot of money, so she can’t see spending her whole paycheck on one good pair of pants or a really nice shirt. And of course, with expensive clothes comes a change in care – so it is an ongoing process. 🙂

  3. Well done on getting Apples back into water and all ending so well. Wow, really perfect timing and quick thinking. 🙂
    Enjoy the week and weekend, and all the best with a photo shoot day. We have finally gotten our rainy days, so no photos for me at the moment either, but since we needed the rain, I am just enjoying it and smiling. Photos can always come later.
    Take care. 🙂

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