This weekend’s knitting

Hap-2-for-webHap for Harriet is coming along, more slowly now as the rows grow longer.  I am loving it, though, and glad I am keeping this one.



This necklace is taupe silk with matte black beads, and I think it is for me to keep, I made one a  while ago and gifted it, but think of it often, so I made another.  After blocking, it will relax a lot and just drape beautifully.



This is a swatch that looks more violently orange than it is – it is a bit more peachy in real life.

I am swatching because I have started three different hats with this yarn this weekend.  None worked how I wanted, so I decided to swatch it and choose a pattern that really will work.  The resulting hat will be for sale, and will likely have matching mittens someday.

I did a bit more than knitting this weekend – cleaned and rearranged the guest room, it is now a lovely sitting room.  There is space to move in it! The cats love to explore, they think everything is new and interesting.

I also did our tax return, and that is a thankless task that I can forget about for another year.  We get a refund because we seriously over-withhold.  The money is for our property taxes and insurance payments, so nothing too exciting in the whole process, but it needs to get done. Now it is.  I’ll print it out tomorrow and review it, then send it off.  Whew!

Other than that, it was just the normal stuff this weekend – laundry, cleaning, etc.

As an off shoot of the taxes, I updated my spreadsheet of knitting items that are for sale, and took photos of lots of hats to put on Etsy.  That’s my next chore.  I guess I should go do that…check SalpalCrafts on Etsy and see if I got the job done!


17 thoughts on “This weekend’s knitting”

  1. Love what you make. I was going to get that pattern from Kate Davies and opted for Fantoosh instead. I have yet to even look over the material list.
    Sounds like that little peachy yarn is practicing the Art of Masochistic Knitting. Soldier on! It will work out in the end.

    1. Thank you!!! I have craved the Hap for Harriet since I saw her gorgeous photo. But I had to have just the right yarn, which this actually isn’t – it is fingering weight, and I think I should probably use something closer to lace weight, but it will work, and be warm and cozy.

      Yes, the peach yarn was misbehaving. Or perhaps I wasn’t really paying attention when I selected a pattern. It is Baby Ull, which makes a nice cloth, and is washable, but it is splitty. And the set I wanted is from an old book, while it specifies gauge, it doesn’t do a great job dictating yarn weights. It wasn’t too long before I figured out that it also meant lace weight yarn. Then I tried another pattern but didn’t like it. Then I knit a gauge and decided to start with a plain old beanie with a curleque on top, and some plain little thumbless mitts. I’ll do baby lace later with something else. Although I seem to have 4 skeins of this… So I hope there are lots of new grams and aunties in town this summer looking for peach baby things, because these will all be for sale – we have no new babies coming along (that I am aware of!)

  2. I thought I finished some socks but have learned I did not – I need to rip them back and make room for my calves! Oh well. Still weaving in ends and grafting an underarm of a sweater and cast on for a sweater for the ladyfriend. Oh sure, there was some laundry and a bit of cleaning (thanks to brunch guests!). I like the necklace. It looks like a good project for bits of yarn although I’m guessing it takes more than I think.

    1. Oh, you want the socks to FIT! SO fussy. 🙂

      Casting on a sweater is always more fun than weaving in the ends, isn’t it?

      The necklace IS good for bits of yarn – I haven’t got the pattern handy, but it doesn’t take much. I have one I made where I ran out of yarn before I got the i cord done, so I just used ribbon. And I have several of her patterns, so normally, if I haven’t got enough for one style, I have enough for another. 🙂

    1. Sure – here you go –

      You can order a kit here:

      the designer is Laura Nelkin, the pattern name is rippled. I use a silk yarn I get at Halcyon Yarn, which I think has a softer drape than the yarn called for in the pattern , although that also makes a lovely piece. Here’s the link for that as well.

      last bit of info – buy good quality beads, as the less expensive ones may not have uniform hole size, and may have sharp bits that will cut the yarn.

      Be sure to post if you make one – I love to see what colors and textures different crafters come up with for things like this. 🙂

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