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The whole time I was knitting this shawl, once I realized it was browner than I expected, I pictured it on these shoulders.

This is my coworker, Bobbi Ann. (She said I can use her name, so no anonymous initials here!)  She is always so interested in what I am working on, and she loves beads and sparkly things, as well as brown and pink, I just knew it would look lovely on her.

She asked me to bring it in to show her, and to bring along some jewelry as well, as she will soon be visiting her out-of-state children.

Today I brought it all in, and she immediately said “That’s mine” about this shawl.  You can see why – it looks so pretty on her! Then she chose FOUR necklaces and a bracelet for herself and her family – WOW!  In the past, I have made her some socks and sweater, the deal being just that she would pay for the yarn.  This was a new venture for us both, and I think we are both happy with the outcome.  She got the deep “family” discount because she is so supportive and appreciative, and I got the thrill that comes with knowing something I made will be treasured.  And a human model, not my usual deck rail or chair!

To top it off, she shamed pushed me into showing some of the other women here what was left, and let’s just say, this was a profitable day for me.  🙂

So this is your final shot of this shawl you have had shoved in your faces for a month or more – and it is a pretty good idea of the color – a rich warm brown with tans and pinks in it. Look at those sparkly beads.  🙂  They just make it all perfect.


I will make another of these someday.  In colors I am more likely to wear, of course!  The pattern is clearly written, the yarn a dream to work with.  Details on these can be found here, or by reading back on my posts this last month.  🙂

Wear it in good health, Bobbi Ann!



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21 responses to “Sold!

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  1. Such a pretty shawl! It looks lovely on her.

  2. it really is lovely

  3. Drop dead gorgeous! Model and shawl compliment each other nicely. You did a great job. She looks stunning. Gosh Salpal I don’t need any more shawls to knit….but darn this is calling me. I can hear the low rumbling chuckle of the Knitting Gods….or was that thunder?

    • I know what you mean! Claire from Mollie and Claire sent me the pattern and it kept nagging and driving me nuts until I could order the beads (it takes hundreds) and start it.

      When you first read the pattern, it seems complicated, there are NINE charts! But the designer broke it out to very manageable instructions, and has row by row instructions for each chart, so it is a lot of material but not hard to navigate.

  4. It’s perfect on her. What a pretty shawl. I like the yarn and the beads have variegated color in them.

  5. You are 100% right, it is “made for her”!! It suits perfectly, she looks stunning in it.
    Congrats on having such a good and profitable day, it makes one happy to know that you can make others happy in the process.

  6. Stunning work! It looks great on her 🙂

  7. She was smart to buy this–it looks wonderful with her coloring! And how completely validating this all is for you, too!

  8. Easy to see why your coworker loved the shawl. Nice work – both in the making and the selling.

  9. Congrats on the sale! It turned out so beautiful.

    • Thanks, Ginny! This whole knitting to sell thing is odd – I love getting the money as it is how I pay for the next “thing” but it is also a challenge. So when it all fits so perfectly together, it is a good day.

  10. That’s a very generous discount with so much love and work put into that shawl – which is absolutely gorgeous – But what goes around comes around and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of pleasure seeing her wear it.

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