Oh, really?

A few words about the weather.

Humph. Grumble. PFFFFFT.

All week they have been talking about this “inverse Norlun Trough” that will bring some lucky slice of Maine an amount of snow that is unpredictable but big. This narrow band could include Hancock County if it goes where predicted, or it could go a little to the east and include Hancock County, or it could go a little west and include Hancock County.

It will snow in the targeted area from Friday night to Saturday night, and accumulations could be 6 inches or 12 or 18, depending on who says it.


So I planned my day around a snow storm, living as I do, in Hancock County.

No new snow this morning.  Turned on the weather channel, where they showed a current weather map.

They think it is snowing on my head.  It isn’t.

They did say the outer islands of Penobscot Bay already have ten inches. Note: Most of them are in Knox County, not Hancock County.  Just saying.

I amended my plans to include some blog time while I wait for the dump and barber shop to open.  Lucky you!

A is on her way home from Texas – she drove from San Angelo TX to Knoxville TN yesterday, that’s about halfway.  She got a good nights sleep and was back on the road at 5 am.  So, if all goes well, she should be home in the middle of the night tonight.  If it doesn’t go as planned and she has to stop due to weather or general sleepiness, she will get home tomorrow.  I have one day to make messes and clean them up. And make her valentine.  🙂

So far I have stripped the bed, started the laundry, unpinned the shawl (oh my!), filled the bird feeders and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Now it is time to get dressed and start the errands.

Hope you all have a fun, productive day, and that the snow doesn’t fall on your heads either.  🙂

And just to wrap up as I began – about the weather – it is supposed to be bitter cold this weekend, wind chills 30 below (F).  Not unusual this time of year.  But how about this – on Tuesday it will be in the 30s and we will be getting heavy RAIN.  Now that is just not right.  What a mess we will have.

Humph. Grumble. PFFFFFT.





16 thoughts on “Oh, really?”

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying the weather as much as we are in Nova Scotia but I know you are getting the weather first and worst ….Stay warm

  2. Love the fact that you aren’t getting snow but they say you are. Stay warm, the winds and the cold are fierce.

    1. it started about an hour later. But it is a range weather thing – Deer Isle has over a foot of snow, Blue Hill has an inch. they are not far from each other as the crow flies, as you know. We have three or four inches so far, and the wind is picking up – gale warnings tonight and tomorrow.

      1. That’s strange to have so many pockets of different snow fall especially in the Deer Isle and Blue Hill areas. The wind here is truly awful. With wind chill we are -28 degrees. I worry about all the animals in this kind of weather. Then on Tuesday they say 40 degrees and heavy rain. Stay warm and safe, both of you.

    1. that she is! She just called to say she will be home around 2 AM. Had to detour around an accident in PA (it was bad, made the national news) but that the detour was smooth. No bad weather for her yet, hopefully her luck will hold.

  3. Your post really made me smile. So true.
    Living in a “snowless” country, we are “expecting” huge thunderstorms, hail, rain and flooding on just about a daily basis, only to get a bit of drizzle late in the evening. I have given up on carrying my umbrella around everywhere, and have started to ignore the warning texts I receive from both my insurance and local council. 🙂
    Hope you had a good weekend in the end.

    1. always a good weekend, no matter the weather. It’s been too cold to go outside for a few days, but we will go out this afternoon and make sure the cars start – been below zero since Saturday night, until this afternoon. Holiday weekend, but not very festive!

  4. I can’t quite make out if you’re humphing and pffting because you want snow and you didn’t get it, or because you’re going to get rain instrad lol

  5. I always plan my days around the weather in the winter. One snowflake and I panic 😉 This year, it seems that the weathermen have gotten it wrong more than right. You would think in this day and age and with all the technology, that they would be able to get it right more often.

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