While the cat’s away…

Well, it is A who is away, not the cats… however, this mouse is still playing.  🙂


This morning I blocked the shawl.  It was a major piece of work, but I think it is going to be worth every minute, and every pin! Which was most of the pins in the house.every-pin

The directions say that I might want to pin out the picots after pinning and blocking all the rest.

unpinned picots:


pinned picots:


I decided to pin.  Those picots made binding off take several evenings, as you add many stitches in the process – about doubling the number. Since I knit them all, I think it was worth the extra time to pin them out so they can be seen, don’t you?  I think they are a wonderful finishing touch on this shawl, but I would think about replacing them with beads another time. That might get heavy, I suppose, but it sure would be easier and faster, and still pretty, I think.

So here it is – all blocked and pinned and drying.  You will still get one more post of this shawl, when it is dry and I can take it out side so you can see the real color:


It pinned out to just about 6 feet wide and 21 inches deep.

A few close ups of the lace and beads:






And that’s not all!

Last night I planned some necklaces and strung the beads so I can cast these on sometime this week – using the beautiful silk I got for Christmas:


This is 6, which is far more than I will be able to do this week, but they keep very well.  🙂

And on my needles right now is this shawl for me. (keeping 1+1+1 project in mind, my goal is four shawls this year – two for me, two for sale.  I am on target so far!)


This is Kate Davies Hap for Harriet.  I have loved it since she first released it, and it is as perfect a pattern as I had hoped.  The pattern is easily learned, and it is fun to watch it grow.  This lace is much less complicated than the Pease Blossom – I won’t need the instructions for every stitch!  The yarn is String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn in the Tinker Island Fingering weight, the color is called Ruby Slippers, and for once, this picture is fairly accurate, it is a dark rose color with a definite tinge of purple.  The fabric is coming out a tiny bit stiff, but as it is garter stitch, I know it will loosen up and be soft and stretchy when I finish and block it.

A busy morning today for sure!

Actually, it has been a kind of whacky few days.  Friday we had a real snow storm – and although it didn’t start as early as I prefer, my boss closed the office!  HURRAH!  A and I scooted up to Bangor for a car appointment.  Her car needed a going over before her trip, and she had the appointment set, so we were glad the driving was easy in the morning.  the worst of the snow came in the afternoon.


Saturday we had to take the car back, as they were waiting for a part, and it was Super Saturday Free Tax Prep day, so we got up early to shovel, then drove to Bangor, dropped off her car, she dropped me at the tax site and came home.  I did taxes all day, hitched a ride with a coworker and picked her car up at the end of the day.  So, my day started like this:


And ended like this:


and I understand it was a beautiful day in between that sunrise and sunset.  🙂

While I was gone, A and her electrician friend replaced the non-working bathroom fan/light!  Very nice to get that working again.

Today we were up early, and I made her breakfast before she set off for Texas.  Well, Pennsylvania tonight, to stay over night with her nephew, then Tennessee tomorrow night, then Louisiana the next night, and finally, Texas on Wednesday, for a work training session Thursday.  Friday early she will hit the road, and come home.  She is going to try to do it in two days, so get home sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.  Crazy to make people go to Texas for one day of training, but I am glad she was able to get permission to drive instead of flying. She enjoys it so much more, and plans to make stops along the way.  She also took her golf clubs with her, so she can go to the driving range when she gets where there is no snow.  🙂

This means I have a week that I can fill with things that she doesn’t like to do – as she said, I can make all the messes I want.  As long as I get them cleaned up by Saturday night!

I have plans for food she doesn’t like to eat, plans for watching you tube spinning videos on the big TV, plans for making valentines at the dining room table…I might even put the smooth cotton sheets on the bed for a flannel-free week.  Such ambition!

If I get really crazy, I might paint the loft.


Yea, probably not.



25 thoughts on “While the cat’s away…”

  1. The shawl is drop dead gorgeous! Worth every bit of effort you’ve put into it. Picot pinning is a part of The Art of Masochistic Knitting. Congratulations. While A is out, time to get the sheep! Shhhh! Don’t tell her I reminded you. Bet she won’t even notice them right away.

    1. I am chuckling out loud – you are right, she would not notice for a while – they would be buried in snow. Plus, when she gets home she will sleep for a couple of days, I think.

      Yes, picots on a shawl with about 700 stitches IS masochistic. Not hard, just tedious. But pretty in the end.

        1. merino of course… and perhaps corriedale. I would love to do a project from the farm – but until I get some silk worms and a glass kiln to make the beads, it is likely that it won’t be. 🙂 Of course, learning to spin cat hair would speed up the process. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous shawl, I knew it would be just perfect. 🙂
    Love the new pink shawl, it really looks like a stunning pattern.
    Great snow photos, thanks for sharing. Loved the sunset. 🙂
    Enjoy the new week and take care, stay warm. 🙂

      1. I heard that more snow is in store out your way, with a possible snow day. I wish we had “rain-days” here so we could also stay home and knit or craft for a day. 🙂 since we don’t get snow, just rain. 😉
        Take care if it snows a lot and stay warm and save.

        1. yes, we got more snow, but no day off. Which has everyone here muttering darkly as the roads are quite slick today, and it is still snowing, although on the weather report they keep saying it is “winding down.” My car is already covered again.
          Rainy days – that would be a great thing! Can you create some of your own using sick or vacation time? We joke about “I’m calling in sick – sick of working” maybe once in a while you can do that and cuddle with tea and knitting. 🙂

          1. lol. Wish we could. It would be great. I do take breaks at lunchtime and go sit downstairs, we have a lovely fountain, and then knit or read. It’s very nice and peaceful there under the trees. 🙂
            Take care out and about in the snowy wet weather. Sounds pretty nasty. Be careful. 🙂

          2. sitting by a fountain under trees sounds heavenly! Glad you have a spot like that at work.
            I will be careful – today we are having a sunny day, and the world is sparkling, but freezing cold. So I will enjoy looking at it out the window. 🙂

    1. it really does, doesn’t it? The designer calls it “thuggish” blocking, and she is right. Lots of tugging, measuring, easing, pinning. But I think it is really pretty. 🙂

  3. Oh wow, the shawl looks gorgeous! It never ceases to amaze me how much blocking can make a difference and really open out a pattern, even if it is painstaking slow to do sometimes…it’s definitely worth it! Hope you are having a fun week!

    1. thanks! I can’t wait to get a sunny day at home to take final photos of it.

      It has been a different kind of week, for sure. More chores, of course, as there is no one to share them with, and it has snowed a couple of times, but otherwise, it is relaxing and I am enjoying fiddling about with things. 🙂

    1. Yes, that is it exactly. I do foolish things like not worry if I fall asleep with the light on. From staying up too late on a work night. 🙂 She used to travel ALL the time, and that wasn’t good, but now her trips are mostly day trips, so for her to be gone a whole week is very rare. I am trying to enjoy it, but work keeps interfering. 🙂

  4. I, too, make a plan to eat all the things my ladyfriend doesn’t like. That list includes things like eggplant, polenta, and oyster stew. Your photos reminded me that I need to buy some of those floor tiles. I finished a shawl ages ago and it’s still balled up on top of a dresser. Such an insult, I know, but I need to have all my tools together before I get involved in that.

    1. lol sounds like a yummy combo of things to eat! You do need to have all the tools ready or the blocking becomes a truly terrible chore instead of just a tedious one. I love my floor tiles,a nd they are so much cheaper and bigger then the official knitting blocking squares. I am glad I discovered them. Next time I pin a shawl, though I am going to pay more attention to where I start on the block. I could have used far fewer squares if I had started down closer to the edge. I didn’t realize how it would grow.

    1. Thanks! I was going to go get it this morning “quick” before I went to work, then I remembered all the pins. I’ll unpin it tonight and get some photos of the finished thing this weekend.

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