Not lost

imageI’m binding off.  Endlessly.

Finished the knitting as scheduled on Sunday; now each evening I work on binding off.  I hope to finish before spring. Actually before the weekend, so I can then block it. But it would be OK with me if spring came before the weekend.  🙂

Loving how it looks, how it feels.


14 thoughts on “Not lost”

    1. thanks! I think the colors look great, it almost makes me want to get a brown skirt so I have something to wear it with! But then I would need shoes, and you can see where this goes. 🙂

      1. It’s also ok to be someone who doesn’t wear beads! I haven’t got one – although I LOVE making them I just haven’t yet seen one that I think I would wear. Apart from Cobweb which I have the yarn to make. And will in the summer as the yarn is charcoal!

        1. I hear you on that score – dark yarn in winter is so hard.

          As fro nto wearing beads – I love’em. You could break in gently with indian feathers – a simple knit – shallow crescent shawl – really a shoulder wrap, not very big. I have couple I wear frequently this time of year.

    1. it sure felt like spring for a while – mud and everything. Now we are frozen solid and snow covered, and storms every couple of days. Is this our new normal? Easy winter until February? Could be worse, I guess.

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