A Sunday update, with some photos!

Why hello there!  I thought I would stop by today with an update of the random variety.  🙂

It seems that I have not had the computer on in a long time – I think it has to do with the winter furniture arrangement – the couch is across the room from the wall with the internet connection – which means a cable across the room when I want to be online.  Such a small thing, right?

Anyway, I’m here now.

Life has been sort of ordinary – plodding along on long term projects and working. We were THRILLED to be missed by the big blizzard! We know our luck won’t hold forever, but that makes it all the sweeter.  And the days are getting longer – take a look – sunrise coming when we head out the door to work.  🙂


Can’t wait for the day the sun is up when we get up. I think that happens n May…

Last weekend we braved the bitter cold to attend a fundraising concert in Ellsworth at the Grand Auditorium.  It benefitted one of my work programs, so it had a mandatory tenor to it, but it still felt good to get out!  We stayed for the first two acts, both local.  The first was a  singer/songwriter named Bobbie Lane and the second a Celtic band named Friends of MacLir.  Both were really good, and I loved the music, though I was disappointed that they each played only one set.  We left after that, missing the rock and roll band.  But we got home and back into our warm house before it got too late, which felt really good on that January night.

This weekend’s “entertainment” had to do with visiting relatives.  A headed off to see her sister S yesterday. S had eye surgery on Friday that requires that she keep her face down (but above her heart) at least until Monday.  She has sitting and sleeping contraptions, but as you might imagine, is uncomfortable and doesn’t sleep well, so tired. A brought her up some comfort food and they had a nice visit.

Meanwhile, I headed down to Mom’s, gathered her up and we headed off to visit my cousin B and uncle V.  I think I mentioned that my uncle had a stroke just before Christmas.  It was pretty darned scary for a while there, but he is working hard at rehab, and is able to live with B and his fiancée C.  Everyone hopes this is temporary, but no one really knows for sure.  B built his house himself, with help from his dad, and it is a great house.  Not tiny, but small and efficient, filled with warmth and light.  It wasn’t designed with an invalid in mind, but they make do.  We had a nice visit, V did really well.  I was surprised at how mobile he is – he had just come back from a  walk outside with C when we arrived.  He dozed a bit during our visit, but seemed sharp and clear minded when he was awake.  Sadly, he has a hard time getting the word he means to come out when he wants it to, so he struggles to make his usual puns and jokes, and gets frustrated. B and C both seem really good at picking up on what he meant to say and helping him out.  My aunt G stopped by – the family is a bit complicated, but she is Mom’s sister, V’s ex-wife and B’s Mom.  She and her husband live down the road from B, they all get along now days, so it is a good set up for caring for V. It was nice to catch up with her as well, and there was a huge bonus surprise for me that I will share with you at the end of this post.  🙂

Mom and I headed home, and I must note here that we DID NOT STOP AT ANY OF THE YARN STORES ALONG THE WAY.

I think we deserve extra points for that.

Mom had to go to a fundraiser auction thing, so I went along home.

Today A and I are just hanging about working on household chores and our projects.  I am determined to get through the Pease Blossom shawl today.  Maybe not the bind off row, but at least the ninth chart.

I haven’t shown you my progress since chart three, I don’t think –

here we are at the end of chart 4 (I think):


And Chart 5:


And chart 6:


Look at how the color changes in those photographs!  Yikes.  The first one is the closest, and it isn’t perfect.  It is warm soft browns and tans with rose highlights.  The beads are clear with a copper lining.  There are almost 700 stitches on this short needle now, so it is hard to get a shot that shows the pattern and beads accurately.  This is very clearly a project where blocking will make it shine.  🙂


Shine like these beads – aren’t they wonderfully sparkly?





So, on to the big surprise.  We were conversing about our fiber related projects (my aunt is a wonderful weaver) and my aunt asked me if I knew how to spin.  I told her I intend to learn, and had tried drop spindle spinning but hadn’t given it enough practice.  She asked if I had a wheel.  No…  did I want one?  yes, duh!  Turns out she has one, it is in the attic gathering dust, she never really got into spinning.  I could have it on a long term lend if I was interested.  No doubt about that!!!!  So, we stopped by her house, she went up in the attic and returned with this!


I am so thrilled!!!! I will be hopping over to Youtube to look for instructional videos, and I will be saving pennies to take the lessons I have craved over at the Purple Fleece this summer.

When we talked about “payment” nothing was set concretely, but I suspect I will be knitting her something fabulous.  Not promising her any spinning yet, but someday, maybe.

You can imagine the look on A’s face when I walked in the door… she sees money flying out the door and the house filling with fleeces.  She might be right.  But first I have to learn how to use it. 🙂





20 thoughts on “A Sunday update, with some photos!”

    1. I hope so! Have to figure it all out, first. I have oiled it, but still have to dust it off, there either is some yarn started, or cobwebs. Not sure which. 🙂

  1. You lucky, lucky person! How I’ve wished for and still want a spinning wheel. I am so happy for you! Give A’s mind a rest. Don’t bother buying fleece or rovings…buy the darn sheep instead and get your stash right off the hoof. The upside is you won’t have to mow the lawn, the sheep will do that for you! It’s a win-win situation all around!

  2. Great photos, I absolutely love the snow pictures. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    Those beads really do sparkle, little diamonds in disguise. Love your shawl, its a stunning colour you are using. 🙂

    1. thanks! I can’t complain about snow this year – we have hardly had any, and right now it is almost all melted! Such a warm spell we got this week. Crazy weather.
      Thanks for the kind words on the shawl. I am eager to see it completed and blocked – and then will get some sunlit photos for real color.

        1. From your lips to God’s ears as they say. 🙂 It will be stormy today, but winding up as rain, so no accumulating snow. Spring is in the air, even if it is fooling with us. 🙂

  3. That’s a beautiful Ashford wheel! I had one just like it and they are wonderful. I didn’t ever really get into spinning but you couldn’t do better as a way to give it a try!

    1. thanks! I could not believe my luck. Once I get good at it, I will spin her something lovely to weave with, but until then, she will have to settle for a knit. 🙂

  4. You didn’t stop at yarn stores? What is wrong with you? Were you feeling well?!

    That shawl is looking amazing. I might have to knit that one now. Loving those beads!

    I did guffaw slightly at A’s likely reaction to the spinning wheel. 😂😂😂😂

    1. 🙂 I did not DARE spend one dime on yarn when I was walking in with a spinning wheel! Plus, Mom had an evening thing she had to go to, so we didn’t have a lot of time for lollygalling.

      I am loving the shawl, even with all these stitches. I am working on the bind off now – slow going as there are picots along the edge – bind off 6, cast on 3 – brings it well over 1000 stitches to bind off. But it looks so pretty coming off the needles! And at least it is something I can do in small spurts when I have a minute without getting lost in the pattern. Can’t thank you enough for sending the pattern book to me! I ordered lots of beads when I got these, so I can start right up on another shawl. Well, I shouldn’t because of my 1 +1+1 goals, really… but I might.

      1. Haha they’re addictive. I’m knitting one called Glittering Caves by an American designer at the mo but when that’s done I’m back to some Boo Knits! I’ll send you over another pattern book I have of hers too xx

        1. oooh, yes please! But I really have three other shawls in my head, which is why I picked four for my 1+ shawl goal. So don’t be upset if they don’t go on the needles right away. I am looking at biophilia and a happ for harriet as my next ones. I think.

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