Good morning!

I hope you are all looking forward to this first workday of 2016.  Yeah, me, too.


I am up early today because I completely procrastinated all weekend and did not prep for today’s tax training.  Got up at 4 am, got it done and now have a bit of time for the blogging black hole.  🙂

Yes, I said tax training.  It is that time of year again where life gets wildly busy, my brain gets used to the max, and I feel completely exhausted.  And I LOVE it.  🙂  There is nothing more gratifying than guiding someone through the twists and turns of an accurately prepared tax return.  🙂  But first I have to do the training and pass the test.

Tax training means I will be going to Bangor every day this week (weather permitting — training follows the schools when it comes to cancellations.  But the forecast looks good.)  And in Bangor, there are at least two (that I know of) yarn stores, three big box craft stores, and many many other shopping opportunities.  And  have a wee bit of cash in my stash, so there is no telling what will happen.  🙂


On the crafting front – I spent a lot of time plotting and planning and knitting this weekend – I finished up the panda snack/wurm hat.  There is a bad photo on my ravelry page here if you are dying to see it.  🙂  I started a  Peaseblossom shawl which I will tell you more about and show you later – it is going to be GORGEOUS, I think… (Thanks for sharing, Claire!) It will be for sale somewhere. I intended it to be for me, but it is coming out way more brown when knit than I expected and I just don’t do brown.

The Knitting Sarah is starting a new project with a new year – she is so good to us all!  It is the 1+1+1 project, and we had to set three goals.  Mine revolved around knitting inventory for sales opportunities, knitting shawls for sale and keeping. I committed to 4, not because I think that will be hard to achieve, but to keep me from knitting all shawls all the time, and Peaseblossom is the first one.  Hap for Harriet is definitely on the list, to keep. The last goal is to knit myself a sweater from the New England Knits book, using stash yarn.

But before I saw her new project, I saw a post from the United Way of Eastern Maine on Facebook, talking about a happiness jar.  Everyday you write down something that made you happy, and put the paper in the jar.  At the end of the year, you open them up and relive hundreds of happy moments.  I don’t usually do well with every day commitments, but so far, so good.  I even have A participating.  🙂 And guess what?  4 days and not one mention of knitting in the jar!  There might be a SQUEEEEEEEE about the bead order arriving though.  🙂


So.  Sales.  The pop-up shop is done for the year, I pick up remaining inventory and final check after work tomorrow.  I stopped in Saturday to say hello and pick up a little gifty for us, and Sonja, the amazing Sonja, told me she has passed my name on to a woman who is looking for crafters for her year round shop.  I know the shop and it is lovely, very well known and seems to do very well, so that was exciting.  Added to the fact that Sonja is going to do a two month shop this summer in Bucksport and wants me to knit more summery and baby things, it is a good thing that I got that bead order and have a yarn stash!  I am trying to find things that will sell well and not be tedious to knit.  I do want a couple of shawls ready for either opportunity, as I sold two of the three I had in the pop-up shop.  I know I won’t sell ten a year, but a shawl every now and then does wonders for the pocketbook.  🙂 I will keep doing them, between baby hats and booties and mittens, and regular hats and jewelry. I have to work to keep this manageable – so knitting remains fun and doesn’t become too much like work.


And with that, I see I should get going – have to pack my tax books, computer and knitting.  I can usually knit a hat a day in tax training – the trainer doesn’t mind me knitting through lectures as long as I do it quietly and pass my test.  🙂


Have a fun Monday!!





10 thoughts on “Good morning!”

  1. Your positive energy just zooms off the page. I’m so glad things are working out for you on the knitting front and the stores. Stuff like that is so exciting. It’s really too bad we don’t have anything like that here, but such an idea would not be sustainable in this area. Your joy over tax season is great. You may be the only one in the whole country that gets excited about it in a positive way.

    1. 🙂 I get so excited when I sell a hat. Pathetic. If I were doing this for a living I would be much thinner. But I am doing it to buy yarn. So it is all good. As for positive about taxes – I am in a room full of like minded people right now, they are working on their problems and I am supposed to be helping them or prepping for tomorrow or something. Hee hee hee.
      I try to keep positive, and I have to say, blogging helps – everyone is so nice. 🙂

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