Christmas bounty

A thinks I don’t need any more yarn.




(hysterical laughter fills the air)




So you you can imagine how surprised and thrilled I was to get from her the following knitting related presents:

3 cones of the silk I use to knit jewelry. She actually went to Bath to Halcyon Yarn shop bearing a list. The wonderful people took pity on her immediately and found these for her.  I am not sure what would have happened otherwise. 🙂


(colors didn’t photograph well this dark morning.  They are dark navy, blush pink and soft taupe.)

And she didn’t stop there!

I have been wanting a digital food scale for the longest time, to weigh yarn. So much easier to make socks knowing when I have used half the yarn. Also to figure out how much yardage all the bits really have before I get almost done with a project. So excited!


Then there was this book, which I have also been eyeing for some time. Our local bookstore had it, and A nabbed it.


She did really well. I might even use up some stash yarn to make her think it is all worth while.


(More laughter, of the maniacal variety.)


Mom also came through with a pair of Addi turbos – nice and short, great for hats, and this lovely Quince and Co silk blend. She must have known I sold all my blue green shawls! Now I can make one for me, right?

from mom

Beyond presents, we had a good day- both managed to be healthy enough to spend several hours at Mom’s with all my siblings and most of their families.  Good food and good conversations abounded. Met the lone nephew’s girlfriend at last! She is very nice, I hope she is around for a long time. Got the whole story of my uncle who had a stroke this week. It was dramatic, and scary for his two adult children. He’s not out of the woods yet, but he is safe and being cared for.  Lots of travel plans canceled and postponed, traded in for days spent at the hospital. Made us all appreciate being able to be together even more.

And now we are home again, taking a slow easy day. All that driving and socializing wore us out. Not back to full steam yet, I guess.








10 thoughts on “Christmas bounty”

    1. I an already loving the knitting needles, and plotting and planning for the yarn. Waiting for a bead order to come in before I decide which projects get first attention.

  1. Love that A bought you knitting related stuff. I got a voucher for my LYS from him indoors 😊 – oh and the Maine trip is being revisited by my Mum – you know we had to put it off due to having to spend my redundancy on a bathroom – well she’s talking about Easter 2017. Will keep you posted 😊!

    1. A is learning! I gave her long lists to choose from, I can’t believe she acted on it.

      My Scotland knitting retreat also got put off a year – the organizers did not feel organized enough. I know one way or the other, we will get to the same side of the water and get to meet each other someday. 🙂

        1. I told them you might be coming along, and to let me know ASAP when they are ready to have people sign up. And I agree, I hope they don’t both wind up in the same year!

  2. But if they do that’ll be cool! Your card just arrived alongside a bag of yarn I ordered on Boxing Day (Maybe you call it St Stephens Day? December 26th) – there’s a message there somewhere 😂. You should see how organised I am about my crafting this year. Hopefully I can make what I want to make! Hope you & A are feeling much better now. Xx

    1. Glad it made it eventually – I mailed things so late this year. And as you can see, did not make cards. But, like you, I want to be more organized in crafting this year. 🙂 I saw your post in 1+1+1 and I think you will get an amazing amount of work done that way!

      We are feeling better, for sure,, although now winter has hit for real and it sucks up our energy really fast.

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