Dear Sun, we miss you.

Was it something we did or said that has made you leave, seemingly never to return?

Or has someone else needed your attention more?

Whatever it is, I hope you can find your way back to us soon. The clouds you left behind are trying their best to be cheerful, but they miss you, too. Gone is their fluffy white joy, leaving soft gray leaden skies with fog filling the void between sky and earth.

Ya know, like for days.


Enough already!  I am sorry! I didn’t mean it! I will never do it again!(Although it would be helpful if you told me what “it” is as I have no idea.)

Just please come back soon.

12 thoughts on “Dear Sun, we miss you.”

    1. I am sorry! I hope by now you have had a sunny day. Another week or so and the days start getting longer – and in a month, we will be able to tell!

  1. Ahh – dear heart, you are truly struggling through the species who live far from the equator most eloquent plea and desire over the millenia! LOL – Drag your yule log in, light it, fix up some warm nourishing soup, gather with your tribe to sing, swap stories and regale one another with tall tales – spring and the frenzy of work will arrive, soon enough! 🙂

    1. I know it will – and I will get my swimming pool back. I can deal with short days, but these non-existant dark days are rough! Today we are having another stormy spell – this one will last a few days. But at least the weekend had some light in it. The endless dreariness is hard to take.

      1. May you light a scented candle and sing ‘this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine’ and know I sing it with you, a thousand miles away – until you feel better! 🙂

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