Zumba will never be an internet star and other random things

Why hello there.  Wondering where I have been?  Me, too!

Actually, I have been knitting like a fiend.  Inventory was due at Creatively Maine yesterday, and I wanted more hats.  Always more hats!  I finished knitting the Charleston Sweater, and I was pretty happy with it, except I worry the neck opening is too big.  If it is, I know how to fix it, just pull out the crocheted edging and redo it, with fewer stitches, and see how that works.

I delivered it to A’s office Friday, haven’t heard from the Mom, I hope she remembered to stop in the office to get it!

It has been a long time since I posted, I know.  One of the things I did last weekend was drag A and her sister L to the Maine Harvest Festival.  This is like the worlds largest farmers market.  It is all things produced in Maine, mostly with things grown in Maine, but I noticed a few interlopers in the craft area. Lots of food! The past few years, it has been a crazy wild place to try to enjoy – the event is held in Bangor at the Cross Insurance Center – a huge new venue for theater, music, and sports.  The booths start in the hallway as you walk through to get to the arena.  The arena is full of vendors.  Then there is a twisted path back to a ballroom, that was also filled with vendors. Usually it is so crowded you can’t move, and truthfully, I have wormed my way in, raced to my cranberry lady and raced out because I hate crowds.

This year we tried something new, we went on Sunday morning, because in past years we have waited around the block on Saturday morning to get in.  It was a brilliant move. No line, no waiting.  We were able to visit all of the vendors, sampling many delicious foods that way, and we of course bought a few things.  One Lupine was there selling some beautiful yarns, and I got one skein to make a surprise hat as a gift. Great restraint, I think! Just one skein!

Then it was back to the knitting for me.

That is what I did all week long, and Thursday night I tagged everything, made my inventory list and sat back to think about what it was I was working on before all this craziness took hold.  🙂

Today, A and I went to Ellsworth to a church craft fair – smaller than we expected, but saw some vendors I know, so it was fun.  Then we went out to lunch, and ran into L with a friend, so stayed longer than we had expected, chatting.  A bit of Christmas shopping and a trip to the big grocery store and we got home before dark!  Woo hoo, a whole day done.

We are on vacation this week – I expect a flurry of cleaning, and some knitting in between, as we have A’s family coming for Thanksgiving dinner.  Niece B will come here for her college break, and that means cleaning her room and making her bed.  She happens to sleep in the bed I use for blocking, so it is good she wasn’t here last week! But I am trying to keep it kind of slow as we go.  Monday we have dual car appointments, so will spend some time in Bangor, but other than that, it is quiet until Thursday.

Even though I wasn’t online, I did take some photos – here you go!

First up. the baby sweater.  I went with white buttons in the end. After an hour in Joann’s running from button aisle to front window.  🙂  They had some pretty lavender buttons that looked nice and were the right size, but they were shaped like roses and I thought they would be hard for little fingers to manage.


These are some of the hats I have made this week.  Not all, but all I got photos of! The button is a local potter’s work – I love the little barnacle!  I have two more of them, one might be on a hat for me.  🙂


This is what I am working on now – another pixie hat.


A quick shot of the Harvest festival goodies…at least the ones that made it home!


Then a few of the morning shots at the bridge.. it got light when we changed the clocks, but it is already growing darker in the mornings.


This next one, if you notice – the bridge work is finally done!  I had to pull over and get out for this last shot of this morning scene.  I was a bit later than normal, it was probably 7:30 when I took this shot.  🙂  I’ll have to find another morning photo to share my November mornings with you all.

It wasn’t until I saw all of these together that I realized how gray November has been.  Come back, summer!


Here’s a special treat for you guys – A has been thinking and thinking about a project, and she finally had time and energy to build the first one.  It is a waste basket that is designed to perfectly fit empty pellet bags!  We have so many, and it drives us crazy that they don’t fit in a standard waste basket. She is going to work out her costs in materials and time, and make a few to sell – hopefully at our local pellet stove dealer, but also I might have some on Etsy.  The top lifts off to change the bag, but fits tightly enough to hold the bag in place when in use.  Isn’t she clever?  (Yes, she knows she has to plug up the screw holes, this one was to see if it worked and if I liked it.  :-))




I’ll leave you with this little treasure.  Not a great photo, but it shows why Zumba will never be an internet star.  She is completely unafraid of a cucumber.  For the record, Allie is also not afraid, but I don’t have a picture of her placidly sniffing it.


I’ll try to be better about keeping in touch now that the knitting pressure is off for a bit.





















19 thoughts on “Zumba will never be an internet star and other random things”

  1. Go A with the dustbin. How cool is that?! Hope you’re taking time to enjoy knitting? I’ve found my injury has meant I’ve taken the foot off the gas and I’m enjoying the bits I do.

    1. Lol the foot is definitely on the gas! But I guess I have blogs to read, I didn’t realize you had an injury. Hope it is healing fast. And so far I have been enjoying it but I can live without the deadlines.

  2. Great hats. The pellet bin is a wonderful idea. Love the clean lines of it. The baby sweater looks great but I think the neck opening is too big. What size did you make? I’d like to revisit that pattern and change it if possible.

    1. It does look big to me, too. of course I didn’t follow the pattern exactly because she is bigger than 24 months. I knit my swatch with size 4 needles, and then did lots of math. Eventually I used the number of stitches for the second size, is that 6 months? But used the 24 month for the length. So it is not the fault of you or the pattern. I think I can fix it by reducing the number of crocheted stitches on the back of the neck.

  3. That baby sweater is gorgeous, and the buttons are just so very pretty.
    You have been busy, and I love the little white hat just as much.
    Thanks for all the great shots of the bridge and your area. It is little bit grey, but soon spring will be around again. I guess you will be having some snow first. 🙂
    Zumba is so pretty and cute. Have a great day and take care.

  4. You pack a lot into a blog post! All the knitting looks great–the baby sweater is perfect! I, too, thought about trying my cats out with a cucumber . . .

    1. lol -probably too much! I’ll try to post more often so it doesn’t pile up and become overwhelming. 🙂 Let me know what happens if you try it. A’s niece also tried, and got the same reaction we got with Zumba and Allie. Polite disinterest.

  5. All of your knitting is gorgeous! LOVE the baby sweater! I’d like one in my size 😉 I was just talking to my son yesterday about why cats are afraid of cucumbers, as I have seen many videos on facebook recently. He explained that it is not the cucumber, but that the cat is in his own little world, while eating or resting, and to turn around and see anything right there would scare it. “Just like when I come up behind you in your craft room, Mom. You turn around and I am there and it scares the heck out of you”. That’s for sure and now I understand. Glad to see that your kitties are relaxed and aware and that that are not scared 😉

    1. they are some funny videos! But I am also glad our kitties are comfortable and relaxed. Allie was surprised to find it, she sniffed it and batted at it, but then went back to her dinner. 🙂

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