How’s the knitting going?

I am making real progress on the commissioned sweater – finished the sleeves Friday evening, and cast on the back – last piece!  I did the border before bed, and got up Saturday morning with a plan.  I need to do 65 repeats of the pattern, and it seemed reasonable to expect that I could do 20 Saturday, 20 Sunday, and then 25 during the week.

This part of the pattern is really quite simple – p2 k2 on one row, and work back all in K (well, the pattern calls for working back in purl, but I actually go faster in K, so I am doing this sweater a little bit backwards.  As long as you start on the proper side, it works fine.  I did, and it does.) I knit a bit before breakfast and took this photo.  4 repeats done!


A had lots of errands to run, and knew I wanted to knit, so I tagged along for the ride, and she did all the work.  Ten repeats done!  That is when I figured out that not once, but TWICE I lost count, and it was rows back and I had to rip right back to where this photo was taken.  By the time I did that, picked up all the stitches again, made up the lost time, I was not a happy person.  I could see my plan of 20 repeats not happening.  I knew I wasn’t staying up all night.  But I persevered and kept at it, readjusting my goals, knowing I could knit all day Sunday, and if I really worked at it, count to two without losing track.  🙂

This morning I got up and remembered that I had thawed 5 pounds of cranberries to make cranberry for the holidays.  Some things you can do ahead, some you can’t.  Making cranberry is one that you can.  (Cleaning the bathroom is one you can’t, by the way.  It will NOT stay clean.)


Aren’t they gorgeous?  I wish I could dye yarn this color…


Five pounds of berries is two full batches and a half batch.  This is what it looks like when it is all done a couple of hours later.  Still loving the color, still wishing I could recreate it.

By the way, before you go all “You are so clever to be able to do this” let me just say if you can boil water, you can make cranberry sauce.  Seriously  Boil water with berries and sugar, boil water to heat set jars. Clean up sticky drips, wash pans, all  done.

Then it was time to sit and knit.  But there was my weekend to do list on the table next to my knitting, and it reminded me that I needed to work on my displays for the pop-up shop.  So, I headed down to A’s shop and made a rough stand for a styrofoam head, and then had to paint it, of course.  I think it came out pretty well, don’t you?  Could NOT be easier! 1 square of wood, one scrap stick, one screw, paint.  🙂



Voila – a floating head, which will look lovely with a cap and necklace or scarf. 🙂

Then it was time to mess about with the hat stand A made me last fall.  I wanted to put large foam balls on top of the posts to hold the hats in some kind of shape, but… those balls in the biggest size were too small, and FOUR dollars apiece!  Jeesh!  These flat disks were only two dollars, and I only needed half as many.  So, I cut them in half, bored a hole in the bottom, wrapped them in plastic wrap to keep the bits off the hats, and look!  Another hat stand!.


So – how’s that knitting going?

Well, here it is – 16 pattern repeats done. I’d better get working on it, I seem to have 24 more to go to get back on schedule…



But it is time to go think about supper, isn’t it?

I’ll get it done, but this week won’t be pretty.  🙂

20 thoughts on “How’s the knitting going?”

    1. I haven’t – because I learned my lesson with beets. 🙂 Beets dye up a lovely amber color, can you believe it? So I did some reading, and discovered that staining is not dying. Unfortunately. The color will change. BUT I can use commercial dyes and experiment until I get it right. That should be fun, right?

  1. These cranberries are beautiful. They look so fresh. We don’t eat cranberry sauce but my mum makes cranberry jello mold for Thanksgiving which has chopped up apples, oranges, cranberries, in red jello. She has a vintage mold too. This sweater commission looks lovely so far. The yarn is a pretty purple and it looks soft and downy.

    1. they are locally grown, but last year’s crop – they have been on the bowels of my freezer for months. They are certainly beautiful, big berries. and it is the time of year when I need to get some more for this winter. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words on the sweater – it is pretty, and coming along fine, if slowly. 🙂

  2. Wow! You are so creative! Love the hat stands and the head for displaying your crafts. Great ideas! Your sweater is looking wonderful. Love the color. So great for winter. And it looks like it will be very warm and cozy. The cranberries look so yummy! It is such a beautiful color. I am sure that you can dye that color.

    1. lol – I will try at some point this winter. You know I will post results. 🙂
      And really, I am not that creative – I am good at executing and copying. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I am pounding away on it – 38 repeats done and a day off tomorrow that I had not planned on! Plus there was a meeting today… I can do it, I know I can.

  3. Good luck on that sweater!

    I like the idea for the hat stand! Cheap and useful. 🙂

    My knitting is coming along. I’m working on a sweater myself, it’s a test knit though so the pattern is a little tricky since the directions aren’t in their final form yet.

    1. This pattern is well written, so it isn’t tricky, I would be enjoying it if not for the deadline pressure! I hope yours goes well, test knitting is a fun challenge. 🙂

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