Longest Sunday

While I wish we would stop messing with clocks, this is my favorite weekend of the year – Sunday is so nice and long!    Yesterday was a fun day – I got up and going pretty early, and got the grocery shopping done while A did the laundry.  Niece B arrived just after lunch, and we visited and played games while she did her laundry.  She left right after supper, as there was lots of fun stuff going on for Halloween at the university.

A and I waited patiently, but got only three neighbor children, and their beautiful Mom, all dressed as superheroes.  That leaves us with lots of chocolate.  So sad.

I did some knitting on the sweater.  To you, I am sure it looks the same, but these are the sleeves.  The last time you saw it, I was working on the two fronts.  Progress is being made!


Today I had a lot of chores to do that I didn’t do yesterday, and one of them was a major experiment.  I’ll know in the spring if it worked.

It starts with this:


the pallets that bio bricks and pellets arrive on.  We had 6 of them that I asked A to save for me.  I had a vision of using them to protect the shrubs around the house from the snow falling from the roof.  I thought it would be pretty easy to make legs with 2x4s and put them over the shrubs, like this:


And that was pretty easy.  I did a couple like that for the smaller shrubs.  The forsythia is near the driveway, it really needs protecting from plow and shovel, so I made it a bit steeper.


It got less easy in the front, where the shrubs are taller, and I needed to attach 4 legs .


In the end, I got them all to work, but it isn’t pretty or easy.  🙂  Let’s hope they keep the snow from breaking the bushes this winter. If this works, I will perfect it next year.  The good thing is I used scrap wood and recycled the pallets, and they will be easy to take apart in the spring   I am sure of that.  🙂

When I finished that, I put the winter chemicals in the pool, and then, hold your breath – climbed in and scooped leaves.  It was COLD.  Thankfully, it is only shin deep, but still, it was a shock!  Luckily, the scoop broke before I got hypothermia, and I got out.

I did all of this, thinking the day was nearly gone, and when I got inside, it was 11:30.  Now that is a good Sunday.  Afternoon, couch time with the knitting needles.  🙂

Meanwhile, I am still taking lots of morning photos for Colour Cottage – here are the October ones.  Most of them are at the same bridge where I wait each morning – I swear they are nearly finished, yet they are there every morning.  Only a couple were taken while driving – but as you can see, traffic isn’t a problem, and I was really careful.






I can never resist frost on the blueberry barrens.  It’s so beautiful, like glitter frosting.


Doesn’t it look like they are nearly finished?  Paving, lines, all complete.  Jersey barriers gone, but still the light is there, they work away.


I go to work at the same time every day, but look at this last photo during a stormy day this week – like night.


Tomorrow, the sun will be up when I get there, since we rolled the clocks back last night.  So the November photos will look like the September ones for a bit.

28 thoughts on “Longest Sunday”

  1. I’m sorry you had so little trick-or-treaters yesterday. But I’m sure the ones that came were eternally grateful you were passing out candy. The yarn you’re using for your jumper is pretty and yay for progress. You go on getting things done.

    1. Thanks! It is a pretty little sweater, I hope the mom likes it. 🙂 I also hope for not so much snow this year, but I have to plan for the worst so I am ready if it happens.

    1. I detest losing my hour! I often feel like we should be on Atlantic time, not Eastern time, which would mean we would not have fallen back – and then I think we should just stay there, and not worry about Daylight Savings Time. All this moving around doesn’t really accomplish much – in a few weeks it will be just as dark in the morning as it was, and nothing can stop the evenings coming early. I am not seeing how we save anything by going through this.

  2. Rolling back the clocks always messes me up. 😛

    I got a few chores of my own done this weekend as well, though they were all inside as I live in an apartment. But our second bedroom has kind of become our junk drawer and so I spent some time cleaning it. It still needs some work, but it’s getting there!

    1. I love cleaning things out. 🙂 It feels really good, and you find the most amazing things, don’t you? Then you have a nice organized space to fill up. 🙂

      1. I both love and hate cleaning up. SO glad when it’s all done but I get so distracted by what I find when I do it that it takes me three times as long as it should to clean any given space.

        1. lol – I know! I find a buried craft project and want to stop and work on it. 🙂 I am much better about cleaning out the cellar or something when I actually do it. 🙂

          1. Haha, yeah, I went digging in my fiber stash for something to spin and ended up spending 2 hours organizing the bin I keep it in 😛

          2. Haha, I did! And I made sure everything was stashed in Ravelry with all the pertinent details so that I don’t have to go through all this hullabaloo again.

          3. oooh, you are good! I caught myself updating my queue and putting “gray yarn in box in linen closet” in the notes. A sign that things are getting badly disorganized in stash land, when I need a note about where I hid the yarn. 🙂

          4. Since I only really got into knitting AFTER I found Ravelry, I’ve been good about stashing yarn, but since they didn’t have a separate fiber stash when I started spinning, stuff was just kinda sitting in the bin. And all of my yarn is in bins on shelves in the bedroom so I tend to know where it all is. 🙂

          5. You are more organized than I am! I started out with bins on the shelves in the craft room closet. Then, it migrated to a cupboard in the craft room, too. Then, the yarn I thought I would work with soon found it’s way downstairs to a bin beside the sofa. That overflowed into a rolly cart behind the sofa, and clearly, that has overflowed to a bag in the linen closet. Time for some reorganization!

          6. I think the only reason I’m so organized is that I don’t have a lot of room to spread out into! My boyfriend and I’s apartment isn’t terribly large (despite having 2 bedrooms) so there just isn’t the *space* to spread out. I’m worried what’ll happen when we move into a house!

          7. You should! We moved from a small trailer into a large house, and I was so excited to get a craft room that is probably half the size of the trailer – and it was pretty empty for a short time and now, let’s say it isn’t. 🙂

  3. That’s a good idea for saving the plants. You were brave getting into the pool. Just reading about it made me chilly. I agree with you on the clocks. This back and forth does nothing. It’s time for this little ritual to be set aside and forgotten.

    1. Yeah, the pool thing was crazy. I pulled the ladder out this weekend, in case I get more crazy ideas, I will have to think about it at least as long as it takes to maneuver it back in.
      Who do we write to in order to change the clock moving? 🙂

  4. I recognize that rainy day–we were driving away from Mount Desert Island that day! It was wild! And that is very sad, indeed, about all the leftover chocolate . . . 😉

  5. Your knitting is looking warm and cozy. You are so creative with your plant shelters. Hopefully this winter will be a much easier one for you this year. My Sunday was a long one, too. Getting the front yard all cleaned up and leaves all bagged. I’m still sore and tired. The rest of today is a relaxing day for me 🙂 I hope for you too.

    1. Ah, leaves. Let’s not talk about them or weeds, of which we have many. I let them lie and let the snow plowing/shoveling clear them away if the wind hasn’t. We are in the woods, so it is a thankless job. Then, in Spring, I am always sorry as I muck them out of the corners. 🙂

      Hope the soreness has worn off by now –

      1. Definite perks to living in the woods-leaves become ground cover 😉 I am pretty much recovered from my weekend of work. We will probably have to do another day of bagging before the end of November, as a couple of the trees are not yet done falling. But it shouldn’t be as bad as last weekend.

        1. Yes, it is a plus! Especially as when they built the house they filled with gravel, so all around us are lovely trees in some good soil, but we have sand to work with. I figure every leave that I miss is a tiny bit of compost. 🙂

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