Photos, as promised

What shall we start with?

I found this photo I took for you when I harvested the carrots a few weeks ago –


funny looking but delicious!


Here’s a photo I took of the house yesterday morning – not great, but you can see the leaves are really changing.  They are doing it kind of differently this year – the cherries are almost bare, the maples are hanging in there with their reds.  The beeches haven’t really turned and the oaks haven’t even thought about it.  Yet the pines are turning a golden green and dropping their usual amount of needles (1/3 or so.)

Hard to believe it will only be a few weeks until the trees are bare and we have white everywhere. Which leads me to this picture, taken this afternoon.  A said to me “Hey, look outside!”  and this is what I saw – the first flakes.


Those little white dashes against the railing are snow flakes speeding to the ground, where thankfully, they melted.

This is the Andean mist shawl.  Color is pretty good, but it isn’t a great photo of the details, I am sorry.  The lace edge is a pretty pattern, easily memorized, and the whole body is stockinette which really flew by.  It is a lovely soft thing.  🙂


Here’s what I am working on now – Charleston baby cardigan in Tosh light.  The color is composition book gray. It is coming along pretty well, although I feel like I missed a lot of knitting time last weekend – I am not used to doing all the driving – usually I get good knitting time in on these road trips.  But I am nearly done with the fronts.  Then come the sleeves, then the back.


Here’s the yarn I got last weekend, along with the pattern I plan to make with it. It is a cowl or scarf pattern, I expect I will make the cowl, and hopefully, a matching hat.  Probably for sale if I finish it in time for the pop-up shop.  I don’t think I have mentioned that – it is a definite go again this year, and I am thrilled to be getting in on it from day one, as opposed to the week before Christmas like last year.  🙂  It has caused me to take a hard look at the things I have over at J and B Atlantic.  They have most of my inventory, and things really haven’t been moving.  I had hoped that they would have by now, and I know the holidays are different, but I also know I sold more in three weeks at the pop-up shop last year than I have in 6 months at J and B.  So, Tuesday I will talk to the lovely shopkeepers there about a way to keep a presence there, but to also move stock over to Bucksport. It shouldn’t be hard, it should be all business, right? Of course these are my things I made, so there is some emotion there.  I was glad when I stopped in last week to see how things were going to learn that they FINALLY sold a necklace.  I’m in trouble if things really start moving in both places – I’ll have to take vacation time to knit.  🙂


Lastly, here are a few morning shots from last week – every day was prettier than the last!  Except for the tree tops in the backyard, these are phone shots through the windshield, so not great quality.  Yes, I stopped, even if briefly, to get them for you.  🙂  Not sure what I will do when the road construction is done and I don’t get forced to stop at the river each morning.






oooh, look at that fog bank down by the river!

Happy travels!

17 thoughts on “Photos, as promised”

  1. Oh wow, first flakes already? Is it because it’s that cold where you are? Your carrots are awesome. They have character. I like your new design. Why do you call J&B a pop up shop? Your shawl is terrific; it looks delicate and feminine but worn bunched up or wrapped around your neck will have enough warmth.

    1. J and B is a regular shop, but the other shop I supply is a pop up shop – it is only open for 6 weeks a year at the holidays It just “pops up” that time of year, through the very hard work of its organizer.

      As for the weather – it is a normal time for first flakes, although we hope our first storm is many weeks away. It is getting cold here, but we got spoiled by a very warm and lovely autumn.

      The baby sweater isn’t my design, I should be so talented! It is one by Slippedstitches weblog’s owner – if you don’t already follow her, you might consider it, she writes screamingly funny accounts of her knitting adventures.

  2. Lovely. The leaves turning colour is always so pretty.
    Your shawl is very beautiful. I love the pattern.
    And I enjoyed the photos of your part of the world, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thank you! It is a Nora Gaughan design. Her things always call my name, but this is the first I have actually made. Although there must be ten in my Ravelry Queue. 🙂
      Sadly, it is snow, yes. Farther north got an inch or two, and ice. And so it begins.

  3. I love that shawl. Is Andean Mist the name of the pattern or the yarn? We got snow too yesterday! Yes! Just flurries, nothing stuck, but it was exciting anyway. It almost made me want to get the fireplace going. Thanks for the “advertisement” I love your blog and your knitting.

    1. Andean Mist is the yarn name – I don’t have a label handy, but it is Berrocco I think.. the pattern name is Millais by Nora Gaughan. I really enjoyed it, much because the rows get shorter and shorter. 🙂 It calls for 3 skeins, and doesn’t use much of the third, so if I did it again, I would add some to it and make it a bit bigger. It will work as is especially if worn backwards, but will not work as a big cozy wrap. But it is as light as air, and pleasantly warm.

      The first snow is nice, isn’t it? I just am not ready for it because last year was too awful. I need a longer recovery time. As for the fire – our pellet stove has been on for a few weeks now. Not constantly, but regularly. There is nothing like a fire and some knitting, is there? We rearranged the living room to it’s cozier winter arrangement – sofa and recliner in front of the stove, and it is nice to sit in the evening and knit and watch the fire.
      You are welcome, of course – always glad to let people know when I find good things. I do love the sweater. In fact, I was looking at these two long front pieces and thinking “mitts” so I might adapt the pattern to make some fingerless mitts. Someday.

  4. Your carrots are so cute–they look like real food, not those little mutant things we buy at the store! We, too, had snow yesterday–it was pretty squally and dramatic at times but it’s gone now. It’s nice to have so many cozy and pretty knitting projects lined up, for the coming hard times!

    1. Thanks! You are right, they look “real”. They taste a whole lot better than “baby” carrots, too. 🙂

      Yes, we are coming into the time of year when I think it will be possible to knit up everything I can imagine and all before Christmas, LOL. So many ideas, so many commitments, so little time!

  5. Thanks for all the photos you took for me! 😉 I’m really loving the harvest carrots and the shots out of your car window when you have to wait. So full of color! I’ve only seen one day like that this week and I wasn’t in a position to take a photo. I’m just going to breathe in yours for another moment or two…and bookmark it to come back, lol. When the winter comes, I won’t see that anymore for awhile. I really think the winter colors do a number on me!

    Thanks for sharing these!!

    1. Happy to share! I don’t; know what will happen when they finish that bridge – they are pretty close to done, the jersey barriers are gone, and it is paved… but as the sun is coming up later, the pictures are pretty dim now anyway. I hear you about winter colors – so dark and dreary! No wonder we knit – so we can see color!

    1. I hope it wasn’t hard to find me! 🙂 Welcome!

      Snow should be coming any time now, though I hope it holds off a few weeks – we still have too many leaves on the trees. When the seasons overlap, trees come down. 😦

      Thanks for loving my knitting – it sure keeps me busy. 🙂

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