half a Friday list

Sneaking this in – I’ll only be working half a day today, so I put together a short little list for this afternoon.

I will hit the grocery store on the way home, and the PO.  Company coming for the weekend!  My niece from college again.  We have a big event to draw her to us this time, plus of course, free washer, dryer, quiet room and good food.  🙂

Once home I plan to tidy her room which might not be the way she left it.  🙂

I’ll also tidy the living room and dining table, as I seem to have smeared my way around the house this week.  After that, it is knitting and visiting with her while we make lasagna.

A will be home late, but I am sure B and I will fill the time while we wait for her!  A few games, some good food, and possibly the last swim of the season.



This weekend is the Common Ground Fair “celebrating rural life” put on by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.) Niece B has never been, but wants to be a farmer, loves her chickens, and misses all of her pets, so it will be a fun day.  I of course will get some yarn.  And hopefully lots of photos.  I can’t even begin to explain to you the fibery goodness of this fair, and it isn’t even a fiber festival!  there is just so much that is amazing at this thing, I wish I didn’t get exhausted halfway through it. I’ll show you the photos and tell you what was great about it when I write next week.

Sunday will be chores, I am guessing, since they have to get doe sometime, right?  I want to get a bed ready to accept garlic, which should be planted any time now.  And check and see if my little pumpkin is ready to be picked – it is all orange now, but how do I know it is really ready?  I have no clue, but will wing it.  🙂 I’ll put the asparagus to bed for the winter as well.  Lots to do, might not get it all done this weekend.  Or this life time.

What are you doing this first weekend of fall?


10 thoughts on “half a Friday list”

  1. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. I hope all goes well and you can cross everything off of your list. I am going to try to get my Spice Of Life CAL started today and probably work on that and maybe some cross stitch this weekend. It is a free weekend for me, so anything can happen 🙂

      1. Didn’t turn out to be such a free weekend after all, but I did manage to squeeze in some crocheting and cross stitching, so I am happy 🙂
        Hope your weekend was full of fun and stitching.

  2. Your weekend sounds like it’s full of fun things. I’m jealous over your pumpkin. Due to the dearth of rain here our pumpkins never made it, even though we tried to water them every chance we got. A pumpkin is ready to be picked when it comes off the vine fairly easily, or whenever you think it is the size you want. What do I plan to do this weekend? 🙂 Blanket knitting, but I’m sure I’ll find some alternate trouble to get into.

    1. I picked the small pumpkin, and it sits in it’s little orange glory on the table. 🙂 I am sorry you didn’t get any. I am not sure why I can’t grow squash and pumpkins, but I can’t so this small one is a true victory! Blanket knitting sounds good – did the yarn arrive? Right color? Can’t wait to read about the trouble you got into this weekend?

    1. Ahh, the fair! It was fun. My niece had never been, so it was great having her with us. We do love having her around this semester. It took her until her senior year to figure out we are fun. Oh well. 🙂

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