Missing photos

I got the last few photos off the camera.  I discovered that what isn’t working is the display.  So, I can still take photos, I just can’t see them, and I am not sure it will focus on what I want  it to.  I’ll experiment, and see what happens.  Unless it comes out pretty cool, I won’t subject you to my experiments, but will just learn to deal with the camera on the phone.  Ya know.  Later.

Here you go –

Lace leaf shawl… I have done one more repeat of the leaf pattern and started the edging since I took this one.

lace leaf

teal and gold waves stole/scarf… it grows slowly.

golden waves

Gratuitous cute cat photo.  Allie supervises everything. Through cat slit eyes.  She only looks relaxed!

(You can see the fabulous tomato plants behind her.  They are producing like mad now, and already looking fall-like, plants are slowly dying.  There is ONE yellow squash on the 4 plants I planted there with the tomatoes – many male blossoms, but not so many females, I guess.)


21 thoughts on “Missing photos”

    1. Thank you! The pink and gold is definitely for me. The teal and gold might be for me, or might be for sale, I haven’t decided yet. I have to see if it matches my winter coat like I think it will. I don’t usually wear anything remotely like gold, not sure why I am working with so much of it right now…but the colors just looked so good together when I saw them in the yarn shop. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I like both of those projects as well. the scarf is one of my more favorite patterns because even though it is knit with tiny yarn, it moves right along, the dropped stitches add lots of length. Garden is what it is – it has it’s good spots and awful. I should take a photo of where the peas were supposed to be – there is nothing there. Not sure why nothing did well in that particular plot this year – garlic, lettuce, peas, all acted like there was salt in the soil. And I don’t see how there could be. Time to move the beds and rejuvenate the soil, I guess.

          1. Fall is definitely on the way. We are having a bit of warm weather this week, but the nights are already cooler and longer. Still warm enough for a swim after work, though. Another couple of weeks, I guess, then the real coolness and colors start.

          2. You wont believe it, but just as we thought it was Spring, it cooled down again for the weekend. 🙂
            It started raining last night, which is normal, as we get summer rains, but it also turned pretty chilly. We are to have a cold and wet weekend.
            I will relax with some warm drinks and lots of knitting, yay!
            Enjoy the warm and cozy weather, and the pool while you still can. 🙂

          3. oh, sometimes spring comes so slowly, doesn’t it? But I am glad you have warm drinks and knitting to keep you cozy! I have been enjoying the pool, it has saved my sanity this week, very hot (for us, 90 degrees!) and humid. Ugh.

          4. Heard the weather there was so hot. Its still pretty nice here, and the mornings still have that crispness to them that makes them extra special.
            Guess soon we will have hotter weather, and then we will want winter again. 🙂 But summer is good, as we get to spend much more time outside.
            Glad you are still enjoying the pool. Fabulous!

          5. Yes, it finally got hit a couple of weeks ago. It is much cooler now, more like 70s. I can still swim in those temps!
            Our mornings are also cool, I love them that way.

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