Sunday update very late!

Yes, I know Sunday has come and gone.  I intended to write Sunday, but the thought of powering up the computer was just too much. Then I got busy last night.

Pool update:

Friday water delivery just didn’t happen. But bright and early Saturday morning, this came up my driveway,


and emptied itself completely into my pool,


and from then on, I was happy. I didn’t get all the chemicals sorted out and in until last night, but I swam in it anyway.


And was cool. In fact, I needed a blanket Saturday night.  🙂   A thinks I am nuts.  I think she is nuts to not get into it.


Saturday we went with L up to Moosehead Lake as planned, and rode on the steamship Katahdin for three hours – which meant we covered roughly the lower third of the lake.  It is amazing how big it is! The trip was fun, we sat in the shade and were quite comfortable watching the mountains glide by.  The clouds were (apparently) amazing, I filled the camera with shots like this:



The seats, on the other hand, were NOT comfortable – folding chairs for three hours is tough.  I can’t imagine how sore we would be if we took the 8 hour full lake cruise!

The lunch was delicious – the galley is run by a woman who clearly loves to cook – she was telling me how she loves her job, they let her choose the menu and the specials, so she has fun with it. Her husband is the Captain, and he is retiring this year, but she decided she is just not ready yet.  That is a sign of a good fit, employment-wise. Lucky woman!

This sign made us laugh – would people really wear high heels on a boat?


There might have been some knitting…


On the way back, we tried to go into the Davis Furniture store, which we see ads for all the time.  Sadly, they close at 3 on Saturday, so we peeked in the windows.  It looks like they have some nice lodge style furniture.  I liked the lines of some of it, but it was so predominantly BROWN, and that was just too much for me.  Unless it is chocolate, I am not a fan of brown.  🙂 But we liked enough of what we saw to decide to make a trip up there in the fall, when it isn’t so stinking hot.  🙂

We were more successful in Corinth when we stopped for ice cream – at a place (might be named the Corinth Creamery) that had good ice cream and a “make your own Sundae” bar with over 40 toppings.  That was supper…

Sunday I did chores early – dump and grocery store, and then spent lots of time knitting in the house with all curtains drawn, or out in the pool.  It was a day to not do much.  A even cancelled her standing golf date with my step-dad. Of course, she watched the PGA championship on TV, so we still had our golf fix.

I love my pool! I love my pool!  I love my pool! It saved my sanity this weekend.  It was too hot to think of a beach, or even our favorite lake.  I set the pool up so it only gets sun in the middle of the day, morning and afternoon it has some shade, so I can use it a good part of the day without disobeying the doctor’s orders to avoid the sun.

Life is good.  🙂

Here’s a photo of beautiful Mt Kineo in the haze to get you through the rest of the week.


14 thoughts on “Sunday update very late!”

  1. The pictures are lovely. They make me want to go home. The lake still looks pretty much undeveloped. Is Greenville built up at all? At one point they were thinking of building a very upscale restaurant on one of the islands. Diners would cruise the river to and from their meal. I thought it a horrible idea and fought like hell against it. Did it ever come about? I think Moosehead needs to be left as a wilderness lake. I have fond memories of playful otters, loons, and moose.

    1. Greenville is bustling but doesn’t; look too built up. There are a couple of big outfitters just outside of town, but the rest of it seems to be in existing buildings, so it works. The lake has some development in West Cove (I think it is called), even some condos for skiers and golfers, but not otherwise. There are lots of very tiny islands with one little camp on them, but no restaurants that I saw. It really was beautiful and pristine. A bit of boat activity near Greenville, but nothing much the rest of the afternoon. It was too hot for anything to be playful, but we did see loons, and a seagull (lost?). I wish you could come for a visit!

  2. Definitely sounds like life is good. So glad your pool is filled and has already been used. You must be feeling so wonderful to finally soak in the reward of all your hard work. Beautiful pictures and your knitting looks lovely.

    1. Thanks, Ginny! It sure felt good to float around in that coolness when it was in the high 80’s outside. That is very hot for us, as it comes with tons of humidity.

    1. Thanks! I know I only have a month of swimming ahead, but I am glad I did it, and that it got done in time for this heat spell -the hottest we have had in 2 years. 🙂

  3. Wow, love the sight of that big truck bringing water. 🙂 Nice. Cool or not, its pretty to see and will be perfect on hot days.
    I also want a steamship ride like that, with knitting. It looked perfect. And no, I will leave my heels at home. 🙂 I love wearing heels since I am a bit on the short side. But can do flats when needed.

    1. It is perfect for the weather this week! It really brings down my body temp so I am cool all night. As fro heels – I don’t wear them any more, because of my feet, but I love pretty shoes. I just would not think of wearing them on a boat! Even one on a lake. 🙂

      1. 🙂 No, heels and boats do not mix at all. and even if you were so brave, it would not be appropriate. Those boats are so stylish, heels on deck is just not on.
        I am glad you are able to enjoy your pool and the weather. Sounds just amazing days right now. Enjoy!!

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