In which I am able to show you photos of TWO finished objects!

Yesterday, A, her sister L, and our friend Crimson Crow, otherwise known as B came over and helped me set up the pool!!!!!!!  I was out there around 7 doing more leveling, spreading the tarp ground cloth.  A came out around 8 and helped me get the pool liner in place.  When L arrived shortly later, we were able to begin assembling the frame.  they recommend 3 people for that job, and I have to agree.  It would have been awful to do together, or alone.  as it was, it went together pretty simply, faster than I expected.  By the time B arrived, we were able to have her turn on the water!  She helped me assemble the filter, and we were done!  I do have to put the new ladder together, but will do that this week.  No reason to get in the pool yet, it has only a few inches of water.  I will run the hose half an hour morning and night, and see what happens.  A has said I should buy the water, so we don’t take it out of the well, so I will stop by the pool store this week and see what they say about getting water. But meanwhile – CHECK IT OUT!  No more posts for you about prepping for the pool.  Now, there will be posts about swimming and doing yard work all around it, lol, I left a big mess!



My other finished object is the Gemini sweater for Over the Rainbow yarn store in Rockland.  I do like the sweater, and the yarn choice is nice – you can check my pattern notes over on Ravelry. It is all packed up and ready to go in the mail in the morning.



So, moving on from finished objects, to things in the works.

The garden continues to be strange – peas are pretty well dead, but tomatoes are starting to ripen up.  I picked the first one this morning.  I hope the plum tomatoes ripen reasonably close together as I want to can them.  But if they do not, I guess I will freeze them, or maybe even just eat them.  🙂


The knitting is different now, after a few weeks of purple sweater, it feels good to work on this project again – it moves along pretty fast.  It is coming out more gold mohair than I expected, but I think it looks pretty with the teal and gold of the wool.


To celebrate finishing the sweater, I cast on a lace leaf shawl in the yarn I got from Purple Fleece in June – I am excited to see how the colors come out in this pattern.  I like the idea of stripes and no ends to weave in.  🙂

This is where I got to last night, and then this morning I took a few quiet hours out on the screened porch with my coffee, and the second photo is where it is now.



Friday night I spent in Blue Hill visiting a friend in the area on a quick vacation.  There is a great shop in town, officially a florist, but in the space is a great chocolatier (Black Dinah) and also lots and lots and lots of yarn from String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn.  I got this great colorway, Ruby Slippers, to make a lace shawl.  I have a few different patterns in mind, and some of them call for lots of yardage, so I got two skeins.  Should be able to do most anything I want with that!


That’s what I have been up to this weekend – just a few hours left of the weekend, and in that time, I have to run to Ellsworth to do the grocery shopping, while  A is off playing golf with my step-dad. Then home to relax with the knitting.  My bright, colorful projects.  🙂

This week is a normal one for the first part – work during the day, no plans in the evenings – and no sand to sift! – so I am not sure what the evenings will look like.  We both have Friday off – maybe I will work up a Friday list post for you all – I have missed them!  🙂  Well, truly what I have missed is Fridays off to do the things I love doing.  I have not been swimming this summer, not been to a farmers’ market more than once, and not spent any time in the craft room.  Granted, that is partly because I was focused on the pool, but I know that working that 5th day is a big part of my decreased creativity.  I have to sort that out and make some changes in my time at home, to get back in the groove with the crafts that aren’t knitting on the couch.  🙂

20 thoughts on “In which I am able to show you photos of TWO finished objects!”

        1. It is – I almost ALWAYS will choose any shade of blue over anything else – yet I have tow projects on my needles (well, 3, but I am ignoring one of them) and one is bright orangey-gold and pink, the other is harvest gold and teal. And I like them both. Very different for me.

          1. Spooky – I tend to go for blue or pink, but had a sudden yellow yen a while back. It’s cast on but other projects have taken over.

  1. My top canning tip….freezing is your friend! Once frozen the tomatoes can be run under warm water where the skins slip right off and are ready to hit the pot. I rinse my tomatoes and cut out the stems and freeze them in gallon bags as they ripen from the garden. Easy peasy!

    1. 🙂 I knew you would understand. 🙂
      In theory, it is supposed to be taken down each winter, but we have decided to just drain it, leave the drain open and deal with the resulting shorter life. Our next pool will be professionally installed and will be of the more permanent variety, I can tell you. 🙂 But this one should last more than a few years if we drain it.

  2. Congrats on the pool finish! Can’t wait to see water and hear about swimming 🙂 The purple sweater is beautiful! Love the lacy neckline and shoulders. Can’t wait to see more of the bright colored shawl. LOVE those colors.

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