I do love a simple, clever idea

Sometimes the best things are so simple, you wonder why no one ever thought of them before.  I recently discovered one.

Check it out!  The pin is attached, so you can’t lose it!  Brilliant, I say.

The woman who makes these works with me, and when I heard she makes jewelry and sells on Etsy, I went right over to check out her work, of course. When I saw this, I had to have it.

Silver colored fibula shawl pin sweater scarf brooch aluminum wire

(Photo from her Etsy shop)

What do you think?

Check it out, and her other work, because she clearly has many brilliant simple ideas – like the hoop earrings for non-pierced ears – NO PINCHING! I have pierced ears and still might need a pair of those as well.

Adroit Jewelers

And FYI, I was not paid or otherwise influenced to write this – just want to share a great find with you all.

20 thoughts on “I do love a simple, clever idea”

    1. I love all of her things. Can’t afford them, but love them. Even the little cardigan clip – something my grandmother would wear, but so pretty! I might need to make some button-less cardigans to justify getting that one. 🙂

    1. I know, right? Which ones do you like best? I love the little hoops that don’t require piercing… especially the ones with beads on them, of course.

      1. I like the shawl pin. Perfect for the shawls I’m making for my new job! I’m going to order one for my birthday 😄 and I’m going to send D a bookmark to the heart earrings 😉

          1. We can figure something out if we need to. And let D know my email address in case he needs some help as well.
            August 16 is coming right up – do you have something special planned? Family gathering with many cute pups?

          2. Well it’s Mum’s birthday today, the day we fly back, so she’s decided her official birthday is now the 15th and there’s a dinner for family & friends that evening! Then we’ll have a family thing on the 16th, but over the whole weekend we’re going to be preparing for my sister’s 40th which is on the 23rd… She wants to decorate her garden with pom-poms and the knitted bunting I made for my 40th and although we’ve been making them for months we don’t have enough! So I foresee spending a lot of time making pom-poms over the next two weeks. Three birthdays in 13 days, it’s an expensive time of year!

          3. Sounds like our November and June! It also sounds like lots of work and lots of fun. Can’t wait to see the yarn decorated garden! Happy birthday to Mum!

    1. She does make some nice, different things. 🙂 Best yet, is that she has seen a jump in traffic since my post, I much appreciate everyone reading my post and clicking over.

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