Real progress!

Yesterday I made a big push and finished digging out the pool area!


This morning I got up early and spread the sand around before the sun hit the area. Next up is leveling and compacting. Which should be done this week. I hope we are setting up the pool next weekend!

No sign of snakes, hurrah!

here are a few shots of the gardens, I haven’t shown you in a while.


Tomatoes are looking good, but peas are awful this year.




16 thoughts on “Real progress!”

    1. Yes, the pool is above ground. I really can’t wait! Those are plum tomatoes, by the way – great for sauces and things. I hope to get enough t make it worthwhile to can them. 🙂

    1. OMG, yes! It has been such an awful, endless chore. And having three rainy weekends really slowed me down. But now everything I have left to do can be done wither it is dry or not. I hope to level and tamp this week so I can set it up this weekend.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is very green – it has been a summer with plenty of rain, most weeks. Then I have my own little gravel pit in the midst of it all. Someday the whole yard will be beautifully landscaped. I like to think it will be easier to do all of that work when I can hop in the pool to cool off while I am working. 🙂

      1. You are so lucky. It is so pretty. Our garden is a bit gray at the moment, being mid winter. But normally our summer garden is pretty green. 😦 No pool though. Just grass and trees and flowers and plants. Great idea to work on it yourself, so much more satisfying.

        1. Well, when we are buried under powdery white stuff, you have a lovely green garden. So I guess it all comes out even, right? And it is nice to look at photos of the other half of the world and see what things are like.

          It is satisfying to do the work myself, and makes it ever so much more affordable, but I wish it didn’t take 2 years! I miss swimming. Can’t wait to get it set up and filling.

          1. That is the one thing we dont have much off, the powdery white stuff. Not that I would mind. It always looks so very pretty. Although I know its messy afterwards.
            I also enjoy looking at other’s photos to see their part of the world, and see what they are getting up to. 🙂
            Will be looking out for your future posts and pics, am positive it will be soon now. 🙂

    1. it certainly is tough GETTING it! But once it is set up, I enjoy the work of cleaning it and keeping the chemicals balanced. It’s peaceful out there. 🙂

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