Three tons of pellets stowed in the cellar, waiting for winter.

That dark taped thing in the lower left is the magic ramp we put over the stairs so the pellet bags slide down. A “invented” it – it’s a long strip of plywood covered in a  tarp. That and an old office chair with no arms and back (called a “rolly stool” in this house) are all the tools we need to move pellets in.

By the way, the boxes in the lower right of this photo are the pool. I is almost time to haul them upstairs and figure out what to do with all those pieces.  🙂

After we moved pellets and had a rest, L and A helped me clear out some junk that had accumulated in the pool region – bags of soil, straw, old leaves, and an old rock pile from previous clearings.  It all had to get moved, and it was nothing I couldn’t handle, except that…

snakes live over there.  “Little” garter snakes.  But I still don’t want to see them  I hate to lift something and suddenly see one.  I hate when they scoot across my path.  L is not afraid of snakes.  She proved that yesterday.

She and A took the lead, dumping stuff back toward me, where I could pick it up and move it away.  When we found the snakes, L used a stick to put one off in the woods, and chased the other one away.  I hope it stays away, since we dismantled its rock pile.

So I am one big step closer to setting up that pool.  Just waiting for some dry weather when I am home so I can finish the digging.

And truthfully, glad that it is still wet, because my arms are sore. 3 tons of pellets caught at the bottom of the ramp, lifted and stacked.

11 thoughts on “Done!”

  1. That’s a lot of hauling and lifting. By the way, there is no such thing as a “little” snake.

    1. I KNOW! These fellows were small of stature but huge in my mind. I never would have tackled the junk pile by myself, so I was pleased to have these brave helpers. It had to get moved for the pool to go in, and I was procrastinating big time on it.

  2. That’s a lot of pellets but good to know that you will be prepared for winter. I remember when we use to have a wood stove and the amount of wood my dad would order for the winter.

    1. that is about half of what we will put up for the winter – next month another 2 tons of pellets and a ton of bio bricks for the wood stove. Then it can snow 🙂

  3. I hope you get the pool up soon! If it goes much longer, it’ll be winter before you get the pool set up. 😛

    1. I know! I have already gone one summer without the darned thing. I couldn’t work on it as much as I wanted to this weekend, because the ground is wet AGAIN, but I hope toward the end of the week, it will dry out so I can dig away, then smooth and level. Then begin filling it. Another slow job, but at least rain speeds it up!

    1. One can only hope! Certainly it is warming to carry them all in the house and stow them, and then carry them upstairs again as we need them – keeps us strong!

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