Lucky for you, it is cold and rainy today!   21 comments

Why does that make you lucky?  Well, because it means I am inside, and have a few moments to write to you. 🙂

I sat down a week or so ago to write and never finished that post, which means it has been a few weeks since I posted.  Yikes!  This is what working for a living gets me.

It has been a busy few weeks around here – lots of comings and goings, and work and cleaning. And knitting – lots of that!

Last week, my aunt and uncle came to stay for a few days, while they worked in my cousin’s pizza booth, down in Castine, for the l’Hermione festivities.  Apparently it was HUGELY successful, he sold every scrap of food he had available, and had my aunt driving around the peninsula scavenging spinach, tomatoes, etc.  My aunt really enjoyed seeing the bits of the fun she could around the long lines of hungry people, I think my uncle enjoyed helping and talking to people, although they both came home absolutely exhausted each night.

A and I never got down there to see the boat, but the news coverage was good, so we got to see the videos. A lot easier than dealing with the crowds!

Thursday night I went into Ellsworth after work to meet Crimson Crow and see the St Andrews Maine Pipe and Drum Corps perform at the library.  It is a small group of enthusiastic pipers and drummers, and we enjoyed the show.  And of course, the ice cream afterwards!

This weekend was supposed to be all about storing three tons of pellets in the basement, digging out the last small section of pool area, and maybe even getting the area ready to set the pool up.  But two things happened to change that – the pellets were not delivered as scheduled on Friday, and it is raining, so no digging.

Instead, we had a damp cookout with sister-in-law L, and did the usual Saturday chores, (which used to be Friday chores!) like the PO and the dump.  A and I did the grocery shopping last night, so all that is left to do this weekend is the laundry, which A has made a good start at.  I get to get caught p on blogging and Ravelry and knitting.  I will try not to think about the very small area left to dig out that can’t get done until it dries out.  Sigh.

But the knitting/yarn is exciting.  Check it out!

This is the yarn I got when I went to the spinning lessons at the Purple Fleece. I plan to make a lace leaves shawl with it, but not for a few weeks.  Sorry the yarn itself is blurry, but doesn’t it match my few flowers beautifully?



Then, this is the yarn I got at Over the Rainbow last time I was there.  I might have mentioned the sweet deal I got on the Kid Seta Noir?  75% off.  Makes up for the much higher price on the teal yarn! I got 4 skeins of the Kid Seta, so will likely be making a few things with it.


I started my scarf with it – a variation of Morning Surf.  I am holding the two yarns together for all of the plain knit rows, and alternating them for the yarn over rows, and the subsequent dropping row, which I think shows off the colors well, and reduces the need to weave in ends – I can just carry the yarn up the side. This photo is from when I completed the first repeat – I have done several more since then.  It is such fine yarn that this will take a while, but it is interesting, so I think I won’t get bored with it as I usually do with scarves.


I finished the Monet Indian Feathers – here are some shots of it unblocked.  It is drying now, all pinned out, so I hope to have a finished photo of it for you next time. Here, though, you can see the beads (I wound up using one extra pair of beads on each feather), the texture I created with random purl stitches, and the whole shawl laid out.




The last thing on my list, but the one that gets all of my attention until finished is the store sample I am knitting for Over the Rainbow.  It is Jane Richmond’s Gemini, and I am knitting it in Knit One Crochet Two’s Batiste, which is a wool, linen, silk blend.  It is quite nice and soft, and TINY.  Thankfully, I am knitting it in a much smaller size than I would be making for myself.  I have often looked at Jane Richmond’s designs but never knit one before.  She lays everything out very plainly and clearly, which I like.  And the sweater design is very nice as well – it looks like a dropped stitch pattern, but isn’t – the lace is much more substantial than it appears, which is nice in a garment that will get a lot of wear.


That’s it for knitting world around here – it seems like enough!

I’ll leave you with this shot of how I prune my shrubs, and who supervises said pruning.


This is my auto-pruner.  She doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, she is quite close to the house.


Allie keeps close track of the deer you can just see behind the shrub at the top of the photo.

This fellow was out sipping nectar while Allie and the deer did their thing.  It is through the screen, so a bit fuzzy, I am afraid.


Have a good weekend!


21 responses to “Lucky for you, it is cold and rainy today!

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  1. I like that teal yarn. It definitely is where the mermaids swim. I like that new yarn from the spinning lessons venue. It looks familiar. What’s it called? I like the looks of that Jane Richmond top. The laced yoke makes it feminine and light wearing.

    • Kepanie, I love that teal yarn, too. I can’t decide if it is water and sunlight, or copper with a beautiful blue green patina. Maybe copper under water? 🙂

      The pink and yellow gradient is one of her own hand dyed yarns – the company is Purple Fleece. Not sure if she sells in the big world, but I do know that lots of people are making beautiful gradient yarns these days, so perhaps you saw a similar one somewhere?
      As for Gemini – yes, I am almost done with the yoke, and it is very light and airy. I might regret that I am not making this in my size! At least it is a free pattern, so I can make another someday.

  2. Oh my that mohair! The teal is Findley Farm? I’ve picked a similar colour way up and put it back a number of times!

    • yes, that is it – very good eye! A nice huge ball, over 700 yards, so it took me a while to decide what pattern to make. I likely will have lots of both left over after I finish this scarf. Enough for a shawl, I would guess.

      • I’ve seen a beautiful cardigan knitted with it, taking I think three balls. Or maybe two. I have been tempted but I need to finish (start) my grey crochet one first…..

        • it would not take very many balls of it, that is for sure. Perhaps I will go back and see what else they have. I have a store credit there…. and it is the shop that I am doing the sample knit for, so I will soon have a much larger store credit. 🙂

  3. Ps the ombré yarn for lace leaves 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Beautiful yarn, lovely projects – thanks for sharing!

  5. A very full life! It’s nice that you aways make time for your crafting!

    • I do try to. Last week it was a bit rough, I did not get my morning knitting time, and I felt out of sorts all day. But now things have settled down a bit, and so I am back into my routine.

  6. Glad you’re back blogging. I’ve missed your posts.

    • Aren’t you nice! I wondered if anyone but my local friend Crimson Crow noticed the radio silence.
      Part of the reason I haven’t been posting as much is one I know you can relate to – the blessed new computer. It just isn’t as easy to do ANYTHING on as the old one was. I thought I got all the same software, but no, I did not get Office Photo Manager or whatever it was called. Even though I paid a lot of money for Office. So I have to use Photoshop to save the photos for the web. An annoyingly more complicated step.

      But, I am back, company is gone, so I can have wires across the living room again.

  7. oh wow, I love your gardener ^^

  8. What wonderful projects!!! I really love your Monet Indian Feathers and the project right above it is really calling to me … love the colors 🙂

  9. Gorgeous yarns and projects. Thanks for all the pictures, always great to see your part of the world!

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