Happy fourth! A wandering, random post

I was just getting ready to write this post, and A has golf on the TV.  Here’s a quote that could only come from a man!!! In response to the question “What are you going to do tomorrow?” (for the second day of the tournament) “I’m going to relax and just play aggressively.”

Yeah. Have at it, bud.  Don’t forget to be laid back in all that aggressiveness.

Anyway….I hope you are all having a fun weekend!  Here in the USA, it’s a 3 day holiday weekend, which is very welcome in this household.  We have done our usual amount of crazy activity, and it feels good to sit down, I have to say.  It all started last week when sister-in-law L asked us to host a picnic for the whole family so they could all see her son D and his wife A, who are here for a few days on their way from Madagascar to Colorado. She lives in a small apartment in the city, and we live in a nice country setting with room for everyone, so we often host the family gatherings for her.  Of course we said yes, especially as everyone else was bringing the food.  All we had to do was clean and get the beverages and desserts.

It was the cleaning that nearly killed us.  We haven’t had real company in ages, which means we haven’t done a deep cleaning in ages.  So we did one.  The house looks great!  We finished up as people started arriving for lunch. I told A that even though it was a crazy dash to the finish, I was glad they were coming for lunch on Friday, because otherwise we would spend the whole weekend cleaning.  🙂

Before this was planned, we had made arrangements to rent a pick up truck to do some big dump runs, so A ran and got the truck Friday morning while I finished cleaning the kitchen.  My wonderful brother-in-law M loaded the truck with our accumulated yard/woodshop scraps while we fixed salads, etc.  What a treat it was to have the truck full when everyone left, so we could make a quick run to unload the stuff.

Today I insisted that I was going to work out in the yard sifting sand and rocks.  I did it for about 6 hours, and I can see that I have about twice as much left as I got done today. Which means I won’t get it done by next weekend like I had hoped.  But it also means that I am making great progress. I can see the end.

While I did that, A went in search of strawberries for jam.  She also returned the truck and went to the grocery store, so we don’t have to do that tomorrow.

So this afternoon as I was sifting, she was prepping her 16 quarts of strawberries for jam, and now she is making it, in order to give some to D and A tomorrow before they take off.

I am being “lazy” on the couch.  My term, not hers.  I did a bit of knitting, and now, of course, I am on the computer.  🙂

Tomorrow will be busy as well – I will spend a couple of hours with my sand and rocks, then get cleaned up so that we can go to meet Mom and B – Mom and I are going to have lunch and hang out on the verandah at the golf club while A and B play a round of golf. It will be fun and relaxing to sit and knit with her, and gab, of course.  🙂

When I checked my email tonight I found an email from one of the LYS – they want me to do some sample knitting. I said yes, of course – they provide the yarn and pattern, then I get a choice of getting the garment back in a year, or getting yarn or a store credit.  I choose credit.  🙂 So, as soon as they send the yarn, I will be racing through a sweater that they want done in a “month or so”.  I can’t wait.  🙂

I’ve been practicing spinning – it looks like it should be easier, but I know I will get it eventually. Meanwhile, I am accumulating a very lumpy pile of single ply blue faced Leicester yarn.  Once I finish all of this spinning, I get to mangle plying.  🙂

I also have been knitting away on the current Indian Feathers, with the wonderful Monet yarn – I am loving it, it is so beautiful.  🙂  The beads are working well, larger ones definitely work better.  Next time I make this, I hope I remember to try placing the beads with a crochet hook as opposed to stringing them.   This works well, but I think that way will look a little bit more balanced.

Tomorrow afternoon I have hopes of cleaning off the camera for you.  You know how that goes – I get to it eventually, and you get a bzillion pictures of life, all at once. It just is, what can I say?

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

11 thoughts on “Happy fourth! A wandering, random post”

  1. You lucky knitter! Sample knitting for a LYS. I wish for the umpteenth time we had yarn stores around here. Regarding the spinning, did you find it difficult to keep the spindle spinning at a constant rate and draw yarn at the same time? I can’t seem to develop the rhythm of it.

    1. I wish you did, too. Maybe you should start one? 🙂
      Yes, I do have a hard time keeping it spinning and draw evenly. The teacher said this may be the more affordable class, but it is the harder way to spin. However, people did it successfully for hundreds (thousands?) of years before the invention of the wheel, so I know it can be done. I just keep practicing and twirling the spindle. She did tell me a trick, not sure how commonly known it is – to roll it down your leg with one hand – it will have a good spin to it then. Of course, I need a fourth hand to do that. 🙂

      1. I’ve heard of that and I too wonder how it’s done with just two hands. Wheels are so expensive and then the classes, which we don’t have around here. I guess I’ll just keep trying the spindle.

  2. I hear you on company and cleaning. In the past, there has always been major scrubbing when company is expected. Your family party sounds fun. Great progress on the the pool.

    1. lol – yes, the house gets a good scrubbing when company is coming. This was a good thing! Next week I have over night company coming, so it is good that most of the house will just need a quick dusting, because the guest room needs a deep cleaning this weekend. 🙂 then I think we are done with summer company.

  3. I’ve done a few samples for dyers rather than shops, and usually for that I get paid in yarn. I’m not going to complain about that though! Free yarn (well, yarn I don’t spend money to get) is always nice.

    A hit for plying: If you want to use every inch of what you spin, ply from a center pull ball using both ends of the yarn at the same time. That way you’ll use all of it!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I am not ready for plying yet, still lots of spinning to go. 🙂

      Yes, it is always nice to get paid in yarn, especially GOOD yarn. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome!

        And most definitely! GOOD yarn is always lovely to have, and good Indie Hand Dyes are great!

  4. Plying from a center pull ball – what’s the trick as you get down to just before the end, and it suddenly gets a life of its own and tangles like crazy? I usually weigh mine, and it tends to come out pretty close. Or I will spin it finer and then do a Navajo ply.

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