I miss my Friday lists.  Almost as much as I miss my Fridays…

The weeks seem to drag by, then the weekends fly.  No longer are they balanced out almost evenly.  Very sad to be here in the world of working 5 days a week.  😦

I haven’t been blogging as much for a couple of reasons – first off, no fun play days to tell you all about!  Second off, getting home earlier in the evening means I have time to do stuff, which means I have less time to sit in front of the screen typing to you all, if that makes sense.  For instance – Monday after work, I raced home in time to get to the PO (we weren’t able to go at all this weekend) and then I ran to the dump which closes at 5 (ditto) and then to the grocery store, where I found that Monday late afternoon is when all the really slow people from out of town like to shop.  Thanks to the new store remodel that only allows for shopping in one direction (no room to pass in the aisles) it took FOREVER to get a bag full of stuff.  By the time I got home and made dinner, it was time for bed!

I was quite bummed to not stay awake until after dark, because apparently we had a fabulous Northern Lights display.  Dang.

Tuesday night I scrambled around cleaning the pellet stove so I could light it for the evening, it was that damp and raw outside and in. Had a long talk with Dad, and then it was bed time again!  Jeesh.

Wednesday I went to physical therapy for my sore foot – turns out I have something the PT folks call “pump bump”  which is pretty funny (although sore) as I have not worn pumps in at least ten years, likely longer.  In my case, I suspect it is actually “Teva bump”  Anyway, I had an ultrasound treatment followed by massage and ice, and it already feels better.  I am slated for a couple more of these treatments, and then we will see how it feels.  Good news – Get to wear my birks all the time.  Watch your feet, folks, it seems this is often caused by a shoe that doesn’t cling tight to your hell – so tie your shoes tight and don’t walk miles in the pumps.

I got home from that, and A said she was craving pizza, so out we went and by the time we got home – you guessed it – bed time.

Tonight, I need to do a lot of work in the yard, with all the rain the last week or so, the weeds in the yard (I can’t call it a lawn) are really growing wild.  As are the plants, finally – blossoms on the tomato, I noticed this morning! If I get in before bed time, I will try to get the yard photos off the camera for you all – I promised them last week, I know, and did not deliver.

Tomorrow is Friday, and since I miss my list, I will give you one.  It is pathetic, however.  I’ll rise at 4:30 as usual, and go off to work for the day.  In the evening (which is supposed to be nice) I hope to sit on the porch and do some knitting. But I bet I will do that, take a look outside and decide I really need to just trim/move/shovel that one thing, and go off and do it until I am tired.

This is the problem with days that are longer than I can stay awake – I feel like I just have to keep working at things while it is light out.  In the winter, I can hunker down at 3 pm and feel no guilt.  🙂

I have done a bit of knitting – especially last week between the trip to Monhegan, and then a day out with A on Saturday, and a rainy crappy Sunday.  I have a sock and a half done, plus about half a Leftie Shawl (knit in worsted weight, so it is going nice and fast) and I fiddled with a bracelet design that I think will work, so I will knit that up this week to see if I am right.  I also finished a second, really short version of Indian Feathers, using the Noro Silk Garden Lite I mentioned a while back.  I had a plan to knit a full-sized Indian Feathers with it and the soft purple I got at Fiber Frolic, but I couldn’t get it all to work the way I wanted, so I just knit one with twelve feathers.  I think I can put buttons on it and it will be a very fancy neck warmer/cowl type thing.  Still have to block that. Been searching for the perfect pattern to make something with my other fiber Frolic treasure, the Monet skein.  I don’t think it will be Indian Feathers, which I had thought, because I don’t care for how the edge rolls.

I also have been looking for the perfect pattern for a treasure I brought home on Saturday, which I haven’t shown you yet, as I have no photos.  I’ll hold off on telling you about that until I do… but let’s just say I completely lucked out and ran with a color combination that is very unlike me and got Kid silk noir at a 75% discount.  Yep, buy one, get three more. I cleaned them out.  🙂 Of course, they only had 4….

Well, it is time to get out and work.  I’ll get the camera cleaned off for you soon and let you see what I have ben working on inside and out.

7 thoughts on “Quick-catch-you-up-post”

  1. I’m dizzy just from reading this post. Hope your foot doesn’t pain you much. Score on being able to wear Birks to work every day.

    1. lol – me, too! Thanks for the kind healing thoughts. The foot is still sore, but much better. Sneakers (and soft hand knit socks) today as it is dress down Friday, but birks the rest of the week. 🙂 PT again on Monday. I can’t wait for that warm ultrasound treatment!

    1. I am the laziest person you will ever meet. But I have a strong guilty puritan work ethic, so I plod away at things. But give me a rainy day, and just try to get me off the couch.

  2. I agree that with the long days we feel we ought to be doing things all the time. I’m feeling really tired, and craving my bed around 10pm but have to stay up until 10.30 because the hens are still out and about catching insects as dusk falls lol.

    1. 10:30!!! OMG, I haven’t seen 10:30 PM in many moons. 🙂 We aim for getting ready for bed around 8. It is still light out, but not as light as France, since you are farther north, of course, But light enough that we can read for a bit with no lights on. And the cats wonder why we are going to bed. 🙂 If we can be asleep by 8:30, we aren’t too tired in the morning. 🙂 Sadly, we have already lost a minute of daylight since the summer solstice. So I do try to enjoy the light and spend the time outside, even if it is working in the yard. 🙂

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