Happy Father’s Day/ A-Week-at-a-Glance

To anyone reading for whom it is an appropriate greeting, happy Father’s Day to you!  I hope you get the right number of neckties and funny golf balls and whatever else your great kids thin would be the perfect present.

A’s father is long gone and mine is far away, but I will call him later this morning.  He is no longer an early riser, so I don’t want to ruin the day by waking him up!

I bet you want to know what I have been up to – or why would you read a blog with such a name?  🙂

Well, I have to say, not much.  And not much that I took photos of, though I hope to remedy that today.  I worked all week, and that is pretty boring to talk about – no big milestones to tell you about.  I have been knitting – I finished knitting my Indian feathers, and will block it today, so I should have a photo of that next week.  I also finished the Trapper Cowl.  It is narrower than I would like, but I was out of yarn.  So, if you are thinking of knitting one in Quince and Co Lark, get 2 skeins of each color.  Still, I think the narrower one will work well – it is long enough to double over making a super cozy neck warmer, and not so wide it can’t just be worn around the neck like an endless scarf. Albeit a short one.

I wound lots of yarn, thought I was all set to start leftie in the yarn I dyed, and then realized I was so focused on the colors that I forgot to wash any of the undyed yarn for the main color!  That has been remedied, and it should be dry enough today to ind into a cake and get started.  However… that took too long (a day, you know) so I cast on another Indian feather.  I am using some silk Garden Noro that I won in a blog giveaway a long time ago from Claire over at Mollie and Claire, and the pale purple yarn I picked up at Fiber Frolic last week.  I wound that onto cakes, then wound the two skeins together to make it easier to hold double. I  hope it is a close match in weight to the Noro, but I am going for it either way. The Noro will be the lace border (with some gold beads, size 6 this time, I can already see the difference) and the purple the stockinette body.  I think it will be pretty.  I’ll show you how that is coming along when I get photos later.

Besides knitting?

Well, let’s see.  Tuesday night was town meeting.  If you aren’t from Maine, you probably don’t know how important town meeting is.  It’s where every registered voter in town has the opportunity to come together and decide what we will spend our money on for the next year.  The day before we hold secret ballot elections to elect our selectmen and a few other officers of the town, and we vote whether or not to approve the school budget.  So the biggest chunk of money, by far, is already decided upon before the meeting.

At meeting we get to discuss everything else.  What gets the most conversation is why do we support the libraries in the two towns adjacent to us? Are we putting enough in the snow plowing budget?  Enough in the General Assistance budget?  Then we vote and it is unanimous to keep on doing it all as proposed.

Our town hasn’t had too much going on that is controversial, but by next year we will.  We will have to decide what to do with the town dam – replace it, remove it?  Do some other alternative? It already raised some conversation when all we were doing was raising money for the study.  So although we were done in an hour this year, I think next year will be a  longer and more heated meeting.

A went with me this year, which is unusual.  They handed her a little popsicle stick with some bright cardstock glued to it and she said “What’s this for?”  “To vote” was the answer she looked at me, I said come on, you will see.  When they called for a vote, all for?  All Against?  You wave your little flag at the appropriate time.  Very public and open and fun, I think.  I suspect she found it hokey and boring, but she voted and paid attention. We pay a lot in taxes, I like to make sure some of it goes to things I believe in – like General Assistance and the Library.

Friday night we went up to Orono, where A’s niece and her family live.  Niece E the elder is graduating from High school today, but they had no party planned.  We created our own by going to their Friday night coffee-house with her cards and presents.  She and her dad perform there, she has a lovely voce, and so we got to hear them sing, and give her the presents, too. I knew her dad was a musician in hos soul, but had never heard him before – he really is quite good.  He sang with her, then accompanied another, and closed us out with, of course, This Land is Your Land. It was a fun evening, and we were home at a very decent hour.

Yesterday, chores.  Ugh.  And A convinced me I should go to the driving range with her, to see if I could hit the ball.  they had some left-handed clubs, men’s, but at least they were lefties.  I did not shame her (ie I hit the ball!) but it did not go far.  I think one eventually rolled to the 100 yard mark.  I won’t be spending my stash on golf clubs any time soon.  But I will go with her once in a while to drive some balls.  I have to say, I am not quite sure how buxom women are supposed to play.  Everything gets in the way.  🙂  I was a little put out that she was SURPRISED I could hit the ball consistently. I may not be athletic, but I do have hand eye coordination – I knit all the time, after all.  My hands are very capable.  🙂

Today I will do a little more yard work, I didn’t do as much as I would have liked yesterday, and then get cleaned up and go off to visit my dear friend and her family who are here on vacation.  They live in Iowa, so them being in Maine is a BIG DEAL.  Long trip with two kids. I do wish they had not moved away, but I understand and am just glad they come back on vacation as often as they do.

Then back to work, but only for two days!  Off to Monhegan for a couple of days this week, I can’t wait!  I hope the weather keeps on being really good, it is much nicer there in the sun than the rain. I know this from having been there in the rain lots of times and the sun only a few.

I’ll take and share photos, I promise –

6 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day/ A-Week-at-a-Glance”

  1. Gosh, I miss Maine. I forgot about the town hall meetings. The ones here are so different, they aren’t worth going to. The power is held by the few over the many.

    1. I think that here the decisions are made ahead, you can sort of tell by how they are presented in the town report and meeting warrant, but we have so many opportunities to influence them – selectmen meetings, finance and planning board meetings. But at Town Meeting, we actually get to vote and say yea or nay. Sometimes the conversation is so funny – one year I was at a meeting (not in my town) and they were trying to decide wherther or not to replace the one twon truck. That means it was the snow plow truck, right? Well, they weren’t going to replace it if “Joe” wasn’t going to take any better care of the new one than he had the old one. Really? And in January, what then? It seemed like perhaps it was a supervisory issue, not an equipment issue. Pretty funny stuff sometimes.

      1. That’s typical Maine thinking. If Joe wasn’t going to take better care of it then we just won’t get a new one no matter what blizzard may blow in. They always bet on Joe rigging up the current truck somehow and making it run.

  2. How interesting to have a town hall meeting. I guess that’s like a neighborhood meeting but perhaps slightly different issues. Isn’t Father’s Day the 21st?

    1. OMG, yes, it is. But we were sure it was this week, as it usually is right around my Dad’s birthday, which is early this week. Lots of egg on my face!

      Town Meeting is like a neighborhood meeting – but bigger, I guess. Sometimes the issues are huge – do we close a school? Can we afford to pave the roads? But other years, like this one, there is no acrimony, we all agree on what to do with our tax dollars.

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