Sunday? No, really, is it?

Oh dear, I had so much I wanted to get done!  But today is rainy, and so no golf for A, so no afternoon to putter outside for me.  Well, I guess I could, but it’s raining and cold and dreary.  So I dyed yarn instead.  Oh, and made brownies.  I did change the bed and wash the old sheets, so I should get points for doing SOMETHING worthwhile!

The yarn is more teal and blue – I decided to make the lefties shawl with the yarn I dyed last time, but I thought I would like to have a set of gradient colors to do it with.  So, I mapped it out, and decided I needed aquamarine over-dyed with teal, blue, and blue over dyed with teal to go with what I already have.  All of those are hanging out side now, “drying” in the rain.  All I have to do is wind some natural, wash it and dry it, and I am good to go.  We will see how long that takes, right?

This week I started another double knit buffalo checked cowl, based on the Trapper Cowl in Interweave Knits last winter.  Since I was doing it with a vague recollection of the instructions, and was too lazy to go upstairs and get the magazine, it is a bit different, but close enough that I can’t take credit for the pattern. I am using some Quince and Co Lark, in Peacock and Bird’s egg.  So far, so good!

I blocked a few quick knits I did this week – three bracelets, a necklace and a thing that might be a shawl – I think I mentioned I was knitting something with the beet dyed yarn?

What I did was the lacy leaf shawl, but I didn’t want a triangle, so I added a third section of leaves. It was easier to do than I expected – I started by casting on one more stitch, and so had two “center stitches”, then I just followed the instructions, essentially.  I didn’t have enough yarn to go far with it, but I like how it came out. Kind of a half circle, or a butterfly.  🙂  Pictures will come eventually (I mentioned it was raining, right?) If only it wasn’t so orange.  Maybe I will over dye that, as well!  Or just put it in the giveaway box.

Not sure how I like the experimental bracelets ether, but they did work.  I used some of the leftover yarn from the lace scarf I finished last week (and mailed off Friday, it definitely should arrive in plenty of time for the Tuesday birthday!) If I like how they came out, I will pop one off to the scarf recipient and sell the rest. Or at least, put them up for sale!

That is about all that is new – a quiet weekend – the last one for a while!


4 thoughts on “Sunday? No, really, is it?”

    1. oh, always! I don’t mind the rain, we did need it, and the gardens grow so much better with rain than with me trying to remember to water them enough.

    1. lol – go ahead – I am glad it is rain, not snow! I’ll bring it inside and let it drip over the tub tonight – I just wanted to be sure all the dye was released – the cats play in the tub, after all. don’t want them turning blue and green!

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