Sleeping outside or starting the weekend off right

I decided to sleep outside on the porch tonight. The sky is pretty, it isn’t going to rain and it’s nice and cool. Perfect night for it!

A thinks I’m crazy. 🙂

For a short week, it seems like a long time since I was here.  Not much is new, our quiet weekend is filling up, though.  Car appointments, breakfast with family while we wait, errands and chores. Then off to Orono for niece E the elder’s School performance.  Sunday a plays golf while I play in the yard. And boom! The weekend is over!

Oh how I miss my Friday’s off!

I have done some research on spinning lessons and found some nearby.  I will check out the woman next week at Fiber Frolic, so that is exciting.  Just going there next week will be exciting!  Actually there is lots going on over the next few weeks. But we will take it one week at a time!

I will try to find time this weekend to show you what I am working on now that I have finished the long scarf- something to look forward to!


10 thoughts on “Sleeping outside or starting the weekend off right”

  1. What will you sleep in on the porch? I’m excited for you with these upcoming spinning lessons. Spinning wheel or spindle? I think the former, yeah?

  2. I spent hours yesterday cleaning off the winter detritus on my back porch so I could set up to sleep there. So great. I get it. Tell A she’s the crazy one. 😉

  3. Sleeping on the porch is like camping without all the bother. It must have been wonderful. I’m excited that you’re going to learn to spin. I’ve always wanted to do that but there is no where near me where I could learn. I’ve tried teaching myself spindle, but I know I’m doing something wrong. Do tell us what you learn.

    1. It’s all that is good about camping with all of the conveniences of home.
      As for spinning, the spindle class is a fifth the cost of the wheel class so I will start there.and of course I will share!

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