Sure Happy It’s Thursday   14 comments

or, as a coworker of mine used to call it, S.H. I. T. 🙂

With A gone, this week has been somewhat different. It turns out I have only one cat, and that one only part-time.  Zumba has gone into a complete state of mourning, I have to call her for meals.  Today I tried playing with her before work, she just sat in her box of tissue paper and looked at me.  Allie, on the other hand has decided that she likes being the only cat of the only person, and is very lovey for about ten minutes at night and in the morning, then she, too disappears. They will be beside themselves when A rolls in tonight.

So, with no cats around and no A around, I have made a glorious mess in the kitchen dying yarn.  I have some teal, some aquamarine, and then some that was dyed with the end of the aquamarine bath, then when that ran clear, I put some royal blue in.  I’ll get some photos for you this weekend – I like how they came out! I will be doing more of this.  🙂

I also slept with the windows open. And left the bedroom windows open when I went to work. And stayed up until NINE O’CLOCK. And scooped the cat box everyday. And did some laundry. And all the dishes. And OF COURSE I miss her and can’t wait for her to come home.  One of our anniversaries was Tuesday – the second of legal marriage – and she wasn’t here.  😦 We will celebrate this weekend with a meal out, and I will be happy to cede back to her all her morning chores, I had a tough time getting out of the house each morning.

But I did, and it was always worth it, we have had such beautiful mornings this week!  Yesterday was misty down low, but a beautiful sunrise (I got a photo of it which I will share when I clean off the camera this weekend) so the clouds just glowed.  Today was equally pretty – a fine, clear morning.  All the leaves are growing fast, and the world looks much more hopeful than it did a few months ago!  The wild pears and cherries are blooming, I noticed many buds about to pop on my neighbor’s apple tree.  Things are late, but they are blooming. I doubt we will have lilacs this weekend, or lupines in a week, but they are trying.

And A comes home tonight.  Isn’t life good?


14 responses to “Sure Happy It’s Thursday

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  1. I wanna see the wild cherries and pears! How lovely yours and A’s anniversary is coming up. What type of food? Casual or fancy?

    • I got pictures of the cherries, and will see what I can do about the pears, or as they are known around here, “Shad”. Apparently named after a fish that spawns at the same time of year. I know the phrase “the shad are running” means the fish are swimming upstream, but until I moved up here to Maine I never knew that they would name a beautiful tree after fish because all the action happens at the same time!

  2. I always slip into a different routine when my other half is away ^^

  3. Reading this entry serves to inform me that I have missed the frequency of your entries since you re-started working. I think you should quit, again. I don’t often comment because I am usually reading your blog through email, but I genuinely love reading about your life. It inspires me, reminds me, to find the beauty and joy in the mundane and day to day. ❤

    • Awww, thanks, Crimson Crow! I miss posting, too – and of course, if I am working, I am not doing things that are interesting to write about. So I agree, I should quit, again. However, the bookkeeper strongly disagrees. And she has more votes than do I on this topic. I’ll keep buying lottery tickets. Hope springs eternal. 🙂

  4. Glad A will be back. That’s funny about the cats, they are capable of getting attached to one person or maybe just reacting to a different routine. Our lilacs bloomed down here, but our fruit trees haven’t had much of a bloom at all. The season is all messed up because we are still too cold for this time of year. Even the frogs are rebelling.

    • lilacs have visible buds, but aren’t open yet – frost last night! We are very cool for this time of year, at lest a week behind, based on the cherries bloom time. I noticed, though, that the apples are working hard to bloom this weekend.

  5. Sounds like a grand time! I can’t wait to see all of your pictures. It’s sad missing a n anniversary isn’t it? Today us me and my boyfriend’s 9 month which isn’t so much of a big deal, but still. Hope you guys have a good celebratory meal anyways! 🙂

  6. How about POETS day for Friday – Push Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday!

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