It’s a weekend!   6 comments

Thank GOD!

It was a long week at work. This whole 5 day thing is taking some getting used to.

But I got a few odds and ends done in the evenings when I got home.  I repaired the giant sieve I am using to prep for the pool (really, I swear there will be a pool someday) so I can begin work on that project.  I cleaned up the raised beds ready for planting should it ever get warm enough.  We had frost a few nights this week, so I will only be planting peas and lettuce any time soon.  Good news is the asparagus is up and we have had a small harvest!  Enough for supper tonight.  Much more coming.

I finished knitting my purple lace leaf KAL shawl – and I learned how to compress photos on this new computer – let me know how these work on your monitors as there are many options for me to choose from, and I have no idea what they all mean.

So here it is, unblocked still –


I have washed (several times) the beet-dyed yarn.  It still smells like beets.  This might be a bust.  The color is a deep peach, not bad, if you weren’t expecting fuchsia/magenta.  But if it smells like beets, I can’t really use it.

On the technology front – the IPhone is interesting.  Every day at work I got a young person to teach me more about it, so I think I can answer the phone and get my email.  🙂

The computer – it is great of course, EXCEPT I can’t get it onto our Wi-Fi.  I have entered and re-entered that connection, checked spelling, settings etc. Just doesn’t see it and won’t connect. I brought my laptop (Windows 7)home from work to see the settings, made them the same.  A brought hers home (Windows 8) last night, so I will check that this weekend.  Meantime, I read some blogs (natch) about it and got nothing new except that it might be Windows 8.  If I don’t resolve it this weekend, I will call Dell Help (pity me) and if they can’t help, then I will just use the wire to the wall and wait for Windows 10 to come out, see if that helps. It is interesting to me that A’s computer can find it but mine can’t.  Sigh. I am just glad we still have the old-fashioned LAN I can hook into.

Let’s see,  what else? A has had a bad cold all week, so we have been laying low, going to bed early.

But now it is the weekend – full speed ahead!

I went out reasonably early and got a hair cut, while A started the laundry going.  I finished up knitting an I-cord bracelet – I hope to get some photos of it that are decent.  It is three strands of beaded I-cord – actually relatively simple to do and pretty.  And generic enough that I can sell it online without worrying about someone screaming that I am using their pattern.  But not this ne – the clasp is pretty but hard to manage in a bracelet, so I will use a different one on ones for sale.

Sister-in-law L is coming over this afternoon to work in her raised bed, so I plan to work out there with her.  A has a bookcase nearly finished and ready for me to paint!  It is the prototype of the loft library ones, and will go in the craft room, where it is much needed.  I am so glad she is moving ahead with these, they are coming out nicely. I hope she will finish it this weekend, I can paint it during the week.

She is playing golf tomorrow afternoon, so I will have time to work in the yard some more, and on my endless scarf knitting projects (different from an infinity scarf, an endless scarf just never seems to get done!)

A good weekend!


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6 responses to “It’s a weekend!

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  1. The shawl’s purple is lovely. I can’t wait to see its blossoming metamorphosis.

  2. The shawl came out perfect. Great photo. It’s been too cold in the evenings to plant much more than lettuces. That wifi. Ours has a blue button we can press to get the thing to recognize the computer. Is there anything like that on yours?

    • Interestingly, there is no blue button, but there is an icon that says it is “on” and it recognizes the printer connection, although it won’t let me connect, because apparently there is a password. I have it somewhere, but lord knows where. A is gone all week, I may spend my evenings on the phone with Dell. 🙂

  3. wow, you have been busy. I work 5 days a week as well. 🙂
    Gorgeous shawl, it is simply stunning. Your photo is fine for me, I can see it clearly, and the colour is good to.
    Have a good week there. Happy crafting. 🙂

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