So did you see?

Great Britain has a new princess. Isn’t she adorable?  DID YOU SEE HER BONNET?  And blanket?  Those look lovingly handmade to me! I’ll have to go searching the webs to find clear close-ups of them.

And I hope when Kate got home she got to lie down for a while. Public appearance ten hours after giving birth?  I would NOT be into that part of having princes and princesses for children.

On another topic – sort of –

Ever since my sister made a delicious root salad using beets and other vegetables I didn’t think I liked, I have been thinking about using beets to dye yarn.  So last night I went at it.

I started with about 3 ounces of worsted weight natural colored wool, inherited from Cousin Nancy (I have a HUGE spool of it – pounds, in fact) that I wound into a cake.

Nancy yarn cone

This is the spool. It is great for experimenting, and I think I might use it to make myself a garment.  Someday.

I chopped up one smallish beet (about the size of a small apple) and a small portion of stems, and cooked them in the crock pot with water and vinegar for about half an hour.  Then I plopped in the yarn and let it cook until the beets were white.  Really!  Chemistry is amazing.

beet dying 1

But what I got was yellow yarn.  I think it was the stems. I was sad.  This was not the amazing pink I was expecting.

beet dying 2

So this morning, I am at it again with two beets this time, no stems.  So far, I have the pink I was hoping for.  Not magenta as I might expect, but as I am starting with yellow yarn, I am just pleased to see pink.  Beets still have color, and the water is still violently pink, so I will keep on cooking.

beet dying 3

beet dying 5

beet dying 4

See the beet bits are getting lighter? And the yarn darker?  I am getting there!

A is just so pleased that the house smells like beets and vinegar and wet wool.  🙂

Since she went off to play golf with my step dad, I am airing out the house so she will never know how bad it really got.

I’ll let you know how the yarn comes out!


7 thoughts on “So did you see?”

  1. Why do you put the vinegar in while its hot? I thought vinegar was for setting the color so it wouldn’t run afterwards—like a mordant.

    1. Hmmm – good question! I do that when I use Kool Aid and food coloring – I read it online somewhere, and it worked, so I just tried it. Really, I was winging it. Maybe next time I will try it afterwards, and see if it gets pinker.

    1. yes, look, she is a cutie, of course, she could hardly miss being that, right? And of course she was only about 12 hours old, so she is still a bit pinker than normal.

  2. If you haven’t already, search the plant/seed database sites for “dye” – I tag my plants by uses, and you wouldn’t believe how many have various parts to make your own dyes with! 🙂

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