What new torture this?

My dental hygienist retired.  Need I say more?

Other than that, a pretty good day!  After torturing me cleaning my teeth and sealing the sensitive spots, the new-to-me hygienist said “don’t eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.”  This is new! I am sure she is a lovely woman and very competent, and I am sure that hideous water needle thing she used does a great job on my plaque, but I hated it, and my gums are sore now.  AND I WAS MEETING CRIMSON CROW FOR BREAKFAST AFTER MY APPOINTMENT!!!

Luckily, we had no firm plans beyond meeting, and we had a very patient waitress who didn’t mind waiting while we chatted away the remaining time until I could eat and drink!

We had a good morning, chatting away as we did errands. I dropped off more things at the shop while she looked around, we tortured entertained the very nice customer service guys at the building supply store, and stopped at the local craft store for some silver clasps for me before parting.

Once home, I had just enough time to return a call to my current and hopefully future boss – we are sorting things out! Not in the same place yet on a few important things, but I think we will get there.

Then the power went out.  That’s right.  Power did not go out AT ALL in all those storms we had in January, February, and March.  But it went out today for a couple of hours.  It was windy, but I wouldn’t have thought it was THAT windy.  Luckily I had just hung up the phone when it went out. So I did what any sane normal knitting-addicted person would do – I sat down immediately, pulled a blanket over my lap and knit. Without stopping, for two hours.  In complete peace and quiet. It was quite nice.

Now A is home, the power is on, the house is warming up, and we have come to an agreement on where we stand on those things the boss and I are not together on.  Tomorrow  I will call and see if we can come together and I have a job.  If so, I start Monday.  YIKES!

I checked Etsy and found a custom order for a toddler sweater/hat and mitten set – the mom loves Slipped Stitches Charleston set I knit, and wants one in a bigger size for her little girl.  She needs it by the end of November – I love the luxury of time!

Oh, and Crimson Crow helped me ID another new-to-me bird – a yellow-rumped warbler.  Funny name for a bird with a yellow head I thought.  Until I saw it again, and it carefully showed me ALL of its yellow parts. Yup, it has a yellow rump. 🙂  Zumba is impressed, she watched it very closely.

That’s all – I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

14 thoughts on “What new torture this?”

  1. Does Slipped Stitches allow you to sell your FO’s of her patterns? That’s a first as most designers always state on their patterns that no finished product can be sold, etc.

    1. She does! She and I have had conversations about how unfair it is that a designer thinks that once you pay them for the pattern they control what you do with it. They got their money, after all.

  2. Oh blimey, my biggest nightmare is my lovely dentist retiring, I’ve come out in a cold sweat thinking about it. (I take very good care of my teeth but genetically they’re a bit rubbish). I also find my dental hygienist to know ingenious methods of torture – mine doesn’t use a water thing. She prefers a manual pick which Reverberates around my head. Ugh. I have also never heard the don’t eat for 45 minutes! Yay for meeting friends, knitting and new jobs! Boo to power cuts and anything dental related!

    1. lol – I am used to the metal hand tools, and know when they will strike. the water thing WAS much faster, and easier on her hands, but when it hit the sensitive spots, I went through the roof. I feel better today. The 45 minute thing was about the new sealant, I guess. If it works, it will be worth it, and now I know, so next time, I will plan accordingly.

  3. I can’t believe I just wrote a response to your post that was mostly about dentists. Sorry! I saw your stuff displayed in the shop on Facebook – fabulous! I hope we can go there and admire it when we visit, And of course, we can plan our visit now!. Wooohooo! I don’t know how my holidays in my new job will work – I got the impression from something my new line manager said (I can’t tell you how much of a thrill that gives me!) that they try and take holiday during the school holidays. If that is the case, then it will be Easter or the summer – when I guess it is very hot and very busy in Maine? We might need to rethink when we come…. Hope you get everything sorted regarding your job. I’ll be thinking about you!

    1. No worries about the dentist. 🙂 It was a scary moment when I realized no more Barbara!
      Maine is busier in the summer, but rarely HOT. Last summer we never got hot, usually there are a few days in the 80’s and 90’s, in the end of July or August. But there is almost always a nice sea breeze in any of the places I would take you. 🙂 Now Boston and southern New England WILL be hotter, it is amazing how different the weather can be.

      Easter, depending on when it is might be really cold – like this year. But if that’s when you have to come, we will make the most of it. 🙂 I am looking forward to your visit, and still planning on going over to the Orkneys for that knitting retreat next year, if I can afford it at all. I know we could meet up then if we haven’t already over here.
      I start the new job Monday! Yikes – didn’t get any of the projects done that I wanted (painting and yard work) because it has been raining for weeks. But they are letting me carry my years of service, so I will accrue vacation at the higher rate, and get the higher match on retirement savings, that is all good. A is happy that I will get paid and there is no gap in paychecks. 🙂

      1. That sounds brilliant.
        I think we should do Maine and Orkney! Plus if you come to the UK I’d love it if you’d let me show you London and where I live in the South West. 🙂

        1. That sounds fabulous! I am not a city girl, so would much appreciate a local guide in London, and of course I would love to see your region! I can’t imagine coming all that way and NOT seeing you. 🙂
          Time to start saving on this end. 🙂

  4. Yes, Kepani I do allow knitters and crocheters the right to make my patterns for sale. I believe that as long as your not going to use a factory to push out thousands for mass commercial market, the crafter should be allowed to use the pattern as he / she wishes. Sorry about the dental thing, Salpal. I am so phobic about dentistry that a change like that would have meant time lost talking me down from the ceiling. Hope it all works out at your job. You are the right person for them and I hope they see that.

    1. I didn’t really give it any thought until I sat down and saw she was using different tools, different light, etc. then I realized my beloved DH was off enjoying retirement. yikes.
      I got the job. I start Monday. 🙂 I will blog about it, I am sure, in a day or so when details are finalized.
      Thanks for answering Kepanie – you are a light shining on a dark area, for sure!

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