I’ve been busy!

Mom, B, and I hit the bead store for what might (should) be the last time before she closes in a couple of weeks.  Even with the discount, I still managed to spend a bit of money, stocking up on things I know I will use, and getting a few that were not on my list.

I won’t show you everything I bought as I already put it away, but I will show you what I did with it last night and this morning.

I sorted and planned and strung beads on silk for future projects.  Today is a sunny day, so I took it all out on the deck for photos for you.

Here’s a shot of all of it, sparkling in the sunshine.

beads 1

Here’s what’s what:

black silk strung with beads for a red, gray and black bracelet cuff, and with gray and silver beads for a necklace and earrings;

beads 7 earrings, necklace and bracelet

beads 8 on the railing

beads 9 on the railing

(Note the snow still on the ground in this shot.  Jeesh!  It is melting fast, but still with us.)

gold silk strung with green beads to re-do that necklace I messed up, and dark topaz colored beads for a necklace;

beads 6 two necklaces

light purple silk strung with sparkly purple beads and coated black beads for a necklace;

beads 3 necklace

pale sea-foam blue silk strung with beads for a bracelet cuff;

beads 2 bracelet

medium blue silk strung with very sparkly blue beads and clear crystal for a necklace and earrings;

beads 4 earrings and necklace

here’s a combination for you – pale peachy-salmon colored beads for a necklace and green and gray strung for a bracelet cuff.

beads 5 neckalce adn bracelet

So, all planned, strung and put away.  Because I have some other knitting I need to concentrate on before I cast these on.  That blue linen, for instance. I think these will be my reward for working on that.

Besides beads, we had a fun day in town – Mom treated us to lunch at the Olive Garden, and then we quickly hit Joann’s where I ONLY bought buttons for the baby surprise sweater – now at last complete and listed for sale on Etsy – aren’t they cute buttons?  There were some flowers I almost got, but these were too cute to ignore.

surprise button

surprise front

We also went to AC Moore because what mom was looking for could not be found at JoAnn’s.  And for the record, I walked out of that store empty-handed!  Luckily, Mom found what she wanted.

In among all that shopping, we had a fun visit, lots of talking and laughing. I am glad we went, we only have B around for one more month before she head’s back home for the summer.  😦

I also worked on my KAL knitting, finished the week two section – amazing to me how different the two shawls are – the yarn weight is pretty close to the same, but on the blue-green, I am using a huge needle. Check it out – same number of stitches and pattern repeats:

shawls week two

One is going to be a shawlette, I think, the other will be a warm wrap yourself-up garment!

I also got final photos of the Charleston baby set – buttons and ribbons and ends woven in finished. Also listed on Etsy this morning.  🙂

charleston set 2

Niece C’s birthday present comes along in spurts – I take it every where I go and sometimes get to work on it.  🙂  I have a couple of months to finish that one.

So.  Other news – Well, I haven’t got as much to report as I had hoped.

On the employment front – can’t remember where we left off – but I saw my job posted, and so I called my boss to see if he was interested in me applying.  I would not have bothered if he didn’t think he would review my application.  He said he was, but I should know the salary was $25,000 less than what I was making.  I said I expected it would be less, as it was my actual job description, not everything I was doing that was “extra”.  But that seemed a bit much, and I said I could not do it for that.  I gave him a  number that is MY bottom figure, and he said to apply.  So I did.

I have heard nothing from him or the big boss, but I did see them all last week, just no time to talk.  Everyone was friendly.  And the HR person told me “that salary issue is all worked out.”

But it isn’t until someone talks to me and we come to an agreement, right?

Anyway, I said in my application that I was available after 5/1. I am interested to know whether that is when I go back to the office. Knowing these guys who have crazy schedules, they will call me on 4/30 to see what time I will be in.

I think I promised you medical news as well.  Still no report on anything there, either.  I went to the doc with a list, which included sore joints, lumps and rashes and the hope that I could slow down on iron supplements. Sore joints:  she recommended heat for the shoulder, ice for the foot, and a support strap for the elbow.  Rash got a ridiculously expensive strong cream.  Iron review got a blood draw, and the lump?  The lump got me an ultrasound.  That is what I thought I would hear about by now, but all I have heard back on is the iron – which apparently requires further review. The joints all feel better. The rash is changing, hard to tell if that is good or bad.  I have an appointment on Thursday, so I should know more after that.  I might call them Tuesday when I am home, but I might not, too. If I don’t know better, then it is nothing serious, right?

Thursday is a big day – aside from the doctor, I am having lunch with a coworker friend – the one who got all the necklaces in January.  She and I have fun together, and never get to see each other now that I am not in the office. AND I am taking some of my knitted things into a shop in Ellsworth that is starting to carry fiber related things on consignment.  I don’t know if my things are a fit for them, but I do know how to find out.  Be brave and carry them in there.  I was in one day last week to see a potter’s work and saw the new section, so I spoke to the woman at the counter.  She isn’t the decision maker on this stuff, but recommended I come in on Thursday.  I am nervous but excited.  Can’t know how it will do until I try, right?  I think they will like the things with local flavor more than the things with commercial fiber and trimmings, but I am OK with that.  I have a few such things in the pile of completed items.  🙂  Tuesday I will have to type up an inventory sheet with prices so I know what I have and where I put it.  What a great chore to have!

So – that is what I have been up to and thinking about these last several days, between doing tax returns.  How have you been?

21 thoughts on “I’ve been busy!”

  1. Wow! Spring is the time for lots of activity, eh? And, just so you know, I snorted when I read the job portion of the post – I remember those days – here about a month ago, I spoke with a previous employer who sighed and said business was slow – I said, it’s the time of year – they replied, “But it wasn’t slow when you were here” and I thought, well, guess I was worth more than a dollar-two-ninety-eight after all, eh? 🙂 Best wishes with your trip on Thursday – secretly, I hope you find a way to earn your living from your art, rather than going back to the office – but whadda I know? 🙂

    1. lol – I know, they think that they can get someone as good as me for that price? My direct boss knows I am worth all the pennies I was getting, but the big boss is cheap. I think they used the “it will save us a year of training” argument to get him up to my bottom $. Which is true, but ridiculous that it even had to be argued.

      I have zero expectations on the making a living form knitting front – but if I can sell things so I can buy the expensive yarns I love to work with, well, tha tis good. If I can make enough to contribute to the household expenses and cut back on work, that is OK with me! But I have no expectation on that front.

  2. Wow, you really have been busy. I wish I had so much time for so many projects. Love the beads, they are super pretty. Enjoy and happy crafting some more for us to see! 🙂

    1. lol, I love the sparkly beads, too. I work on my crafts every day, so things get done eventually. That’s why I love mobile projects – I can do a stitch here and there. But the beads aren’t mobile, even when all strung, the silk is too likely to get dirty, or slip away from me. And of course, I will share when I work on them.

      1. Looking forward to your projects. I also try and work on crafts and knitting each day, in the evenings after dinner and the works, but we had no power for two evenings now, which was very frustrating. You need proper light to do a good job. So it was movies on the laptop, the dog did not mind, she had my lap all to herself! 😉

          1. The power grid can not supply the demand. 🙂 then the power is cut to stabilize things. It is worse in winter. Should be better again by the end of the week, so they tell us.
            Love the movies though, it is very relaxing as well.
            ps: had power last night, and got some crochet done.

          2. so you have power in the day time? Do you have water when you have no power? it is interesting to me to learn what life is like in other parts of the world. I am glad you had power last night, and that you get enough to keep the laptop charged!

          3. 🙂 I am glad you find it interesting. We find it interesting to. How it works, is that anytime during the day, say from around 6am to 10pm, the power grid could be under pressure, and then the power is turned off for around 4 hours at a time. So we charge when the power is on, to last when it is off. I have a small generator at home as well. It helps. Luckily power and water works independently, so we have water.
            Hope you enjoy getting to know SA in a weird and wonderful way. 🙂

          4. lol I am – between the power and the postal service, I am learning lots! So what causes the drain? Is it that people are running their appliances and Air conditioners/heaters? We can get “brown outs” in the summer if we get lots of hot weather, but we hardly ever get a complete power outage without a storm to cause it. And because we are on individual wells where I live, when there is no power, there is no water. That’s really the worst of it. We can use candles and battery operated lights, and build a fire in the stove if we are cold, but water is hard to come by, especially in the summer. So luckily, the power doesn’t usually go out in the summer!

          5. Wow, that is really interesting to learn from your side of the world. Who would have thought.
            We have a national supplier that supplies to the whole of SA, and in winter usage is a lot higher, heaters, etc. Plus they have to schedule maintenance, and such. So they have to implement outages to try and restore things. I try and limit my usage to help relieve the demand where I can.
            We don’t get big storms like you do, and no snow. Sometimes when it rains for days on end, it could have an affect on the power supply. I use gas for heating, and the generator for some lights in the house when it does go out. I have candles and lamps as well, just in case.
            Water is good, it will only be off when we have maintenance, and they will advise well in advance so we can plan around it, and they don’t take to long then.
            I wish I had a stove to fire up, I grew up on a farm and miss the woodstove, specially in winters.

          6. Our utilities are privately owned, but regulated by the state (and possibly federal) government. Where I live the rates are the highest in the nation, although I think as energy costs go, they are not astronomical. Still, we have set up the house to not use much electricity – we have gas for heat, hot water, cooking and the dryer. But we still need electricity for lights and water, etc. Someday we will get a generator!

  3. My condolences on the snow that’s hanging around. I know how much it likes to stick around but it’s gotta go. You still have quite a bit. I love the yarns and beads combos. Very nice. And I love the way both baby sweaters came out. Don’t hesitate to link your finished one to my project page. That yarn was a great color for it. I hear you and feel your frustration with the medical community. Since the snow melted here everyone around me is experiencing weird rashes. I wonder if they used some strange chemical cocktail to keep the roads open and now we are all suffering.

    1. we did lose a whole lot this weekend, and I found that my tulips ore poking through the dirt! I guess they don’t care if there is snow on top of them, they grow when it is time.

      Next time I am on ravelry (when I am home, not at a tax site!) I will link up to you, for sure. I meant to do that and put your info on the Etsy site, and I forgot. But I can easily edit. 🙂 I really love how it came out, and wish I had a little baby in the family to give it to!

      Interesting on the weird rashes. It is on my leg, and she said was a combo – fungal infection and dry skin and and and. I have always had dry skin and never had this before. Crazy. I wish they would just stop with all the chemicals in our lives.

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