Stupid rookie mistake

So, I made the gold earrings for Mom, and she didn’t like them with green beads.  I have a lot of green beads and gold yarn.  So, I decided I would knit up a quick Butin collar with the same colors, then sell it at a craft fair or something this fall.

I did, and I actually sort of like it, even though these aren’t my colors.


I knit it, blocked it, sewed on the clasp.

Carefully, making sure not to twist it.

front of necklace

Wove in all the ends, tied everything down tight. Silk is hard to get to stay put sometimes, these ends are not coming out.

Spread it out to admire my lovely work, and that is when I saw the error.

back of necklace

Let it rest over night, it is still twisted, so I will just chop it up, retrieve the beads and clasp and start again.  But it is annoying.  I can’t believe I did it.  GRRRRR. At least this has no deadline, so I can do it after I knit the gold and red earrings she decided she would like better.  I suspect that eventually, I will have many gold and ____ earrings until I hit on a combination that looks in person the way she pictures them.  🙂 But I am not making collars to match them all. How many gold and ____ collars do I think I can sell, after all?

It is a  shame, this collar is SO nice, it sits like air around my neck. I do love beads and silk.


13 thoughts on “Stupid rookie mistake”

  1. It’s beautiful. I feel your frustration. Can the clasp be undone, separated from the necklace, so you can correct the twist and then be reattached without losing the whole work? It’s so pretty.

    1. Thanks = I don’t think I can – if I had caught it before I weaved all those ends into the silk, I could have. I’ll do another – and be more careful!

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