Thursday at the BPL

Today is not one of my normal tax days, but I was called to help out at the Bangor Public Library today, so I got my act together, (thankfully) packed up the knitting, and headed to the big city, where we actually have to PAY TO PARK!

The server went down as I was finishing up my first client, they will give us an update at 1.  Hopefully, it will be to say they are back online.

So, I sit with my knitting and gaze at the periodical covers, wondering why they don’t have any knitting magazines.  I read the craft and bead ones, there is a crochet one I will look at this afternoon if the system doesn’t come up.  This is a lovely reading room, I never got to enjoy it before.

They asked me to come up the next three Wednesdays to help out, I said I would.  I hope this doesn’t happen each time. I could sit at home and knit and look at magazines.

And park for free.


11 thoughts on “Thursday at the BPL”

  1. Thank goodness you grabbed your knitting. Hopefully the server will be up soon and it doesn’t happen again. I should go to the library. I haven’t been there in a while.

    1. Our leader sent me home at 1:45 – I later learned that the server came up at 2 – but it is a walk in site, so they had sent all the people home. I hope it was a slow afternoon for the guys who were left.

    1. 🙂 I was sure glad to have it! We have to stay with our computers, so I could move around a bit, but could not go for a long walk around the building or anything. I got a couple of inches done. And read a few blogs – glad the internet was also working!

  2. I hate parking downtown where I live. It’s gotten to the point that I know where the free and cheapest parking is around every area of downtown I frequent on a regular basis (mainly the library and my LYS).

    Good luck with the computers! Sometimes server’s just quit if looked at funny, so I got my fingers crossed that the server’s don’t go down when you’re there next. 🙂

    1. Luckily there is plenty of parking – it is just that it isn’t free near the library if you want to stay all day. And I hope you are right about the server next week! I don’t need to spend a whole day the same way again any time soon.

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